The High-Spirited Nightlife of the Seychelles

The High-Spirited Nightlife of the Seychelles

Some of the well-known titles of Seychelles are the 'Paradise on Earth’ and ‘The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’. This archipelago of 115 islands is well known for its beautiful pristine beaches, warm topaz waters, and exotic wildlife. These islands receive more than three hundred thousand visitors annually, resulting in the boom of Seychelles nightlife culture. If you want to truly enjoy the pulsating nightlife of the Seychelles, you have come to the right spot!

Vibrant Nightlife of Mahé Island

Dance All Night in Mahé Mahé is the main island where the capital Victoria is located, making it a major tourist hub. Katiolo Discotheque is highly popular among tourists. What makes it interesting? Firstly, it is the only open-air discotheque situated on the beach. Secondly, it is significantly close to the Seychelles International Airport. Furthermore, it has a wonderful tropical decor, in line with the picturesque views of the beach. A point of caution: they have a very strict dress code. Casual dressers are turned back without a second thought.
People having fun in a disco
People having fun in a disco
Lovenut Nightclub, Bar & Cafe is an upscale discotheque located right in the centre of Victoria. It is a big hit among tourists and local youngsters. It is fully air-conditioned, with a VIP area and the best DJ’s playing all the international hit music. The dress code is formal and customers must adhere to the rules very strictly. Ozone is another centrally located club renowned for the live music played every day. Social nights are frequently held here. Prizes and raffles are up for grabs for the patrons. Tequilla Boom is a spacious club open on weekends. It is a high-end bar, where DJ's play latest music in Techno, EDM, hip hop and others. The VIP areas should be booked in advance. Barrel Nightclub is another favourite among locals. It plays an assortment of music, with local Creole tunes featuring every now and then. The main dance and music hall is located underground. There are pool tables on the main floor, functional only on weekends. The Boardwalk Bar, in the Docklands Building, has great international music played by a DJ. People come here on weekends to enjoy good food and drinks. They love to sit on the deck area situated close to the sea. Upgrade 9T Club is the latest entrant in the Seychelles nightlife scene. Blasting hip hop, reggae, EDM, techno, and rock, a trendy crowd of locals and tourists act as a welcoming sight for everyone.
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Enjoy Foot-tapping Music in Mahé If you are looking for a place to sit and enjoy music along with some delicious food, Level 3 Bar is the place to be! The prices are pocket-friendly and the ambiance is what you truly desire. Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino is located very close to the beach. There are lots of other options available for the guests to spend their evenings. For instance, the Silhouette Bar here is popular for its dynamic live music.
An energetic live performance by an artist
An energetic live performance by artists
Plantation Club Resort & Casino is an award-winning 4-star property located near Valmer Beach. It is an ideal place for individuals seeking a high-end gaming area and fantastic restaurants. The dress code and the atmosphere are highly formal here. The Amusement Centre is a casual gaming centre which is the biggest on the island, with 200 gaming machines. Spend some time there!

Fun-Packed Nightlife of Praslin Island

As compared to nightlife in Mahé, Seychelles’ nightlife of Praslin Island is calmer. The Jungle is the liveliest and the most visited discotheque on the island. The décor is tropical and local hit DJ's like Joseph Sinon and Jean Marc Volcy perform here every weekend. Oxygen nightclub is considered as a rival of the Katiolo Discotheque in Mahé. It operates on weekends and has an entry age limit of 18 years and above. A strict dress code is to be followed.
A DJ flaunting his skill in a club
A DJ flaunting his skill in a club
Dome, centrally located on the island, is a place haunted mostly by locals. It plays a host of famous international music with five DJ's playing on the weekends. Chateau San Souci is a 4-star property featuring the well-known Kokoriko Discotheque. It is open all night and is admired for its state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects. The music ranges from retro 80’s to the latest international hits. The Beach Bar & Grill is a fabulous restaurant located between Grande and Petite Anse Kerlan Beach. Guests can relish the Creole-inspired cuisine while enjoying the Kerlan Coves. Britannia Restaurant, an excellent family eating venue is located on the Anse Volbert Beach. It is famous for its international and Creole cuisines.
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