The new-age Galactico: Incredible drone footage reveals the magnificence of Dubai

The new-age Galactico: Incredible drone footage reveals the magnificence of Dubai

Magnificence Of Dubai
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If it ain’t the biggest, tallest and swankiest, it ain’t Dubai. For things are done on a scale that is not only colossal by human scales, but also ostentatious to the extent that it leaves its peers in despair and merely clinging onto the fact that, this is how they do it in Dubai, the Czar of the Middle East. A lot has been written about the vagaries of the Middle East Goliath which has risen and risen further than the original Davids around the world (read London, New York, Paris and the likes) that it feels we have set foot on a different planet, altogether. A stunning new drone video captures the might of Dubai – the city home to the world’s tallest building, the only 7-star hotel in the world, biggest indoor ski in the world, more than 400 skyscrapers, the biggest mall in the world with more than 1200 stores, several man-made islands and so much more! Vagary, exuberance and might is part and parcel of the daily life here.

Stunning skyline of Dubai:

Drone Footage The two-minute drone footage of the United Arab Emirates city captures stunning views of the 2,700-foot-tall Burj Khalifa tower and the 68-storey Almas Tower and the Dubai waterfront, The Torre Al Yaqoob apart from other top attractions of the city. Cameraman Oliver KMIA shared the video on his Vimeo ( channel last week. A day and night aerial view by drone provides an insight into a city that has metamorphosed into a modern-day Galactico on its own. A wide shot of the city lit up in the evening by the buildings, and the effervescent glow of headlights bring the video to an end.

Drone footage of Dubai:

From the dreary old days of sand and deserts being the identity of the city, to once being termed as the ‘crane city’ (almost 25 per cent of the world's cranes were in use here during the construction boom), Dubai has sure come a long way and the drone footage exemplifies it beautifully.