These 10 Travel Books Would Be Your Perfect Companion This Holiday

These 10 Travel Books Would Be Your Perfect Companion This Holiday

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There are some books in the world that are so perfect that it enhances your whole traveling experiences. Some of the best works of travel writing incorporated with elements of storytelling, philosophy, creativity and quirky tales often create a strong wanderlust.

These 10 Travel Books Would Be Your Perfect Companion This Holiday - Best Travel Books

Waiting for connecting flights at an airport lounge or travelling down the country roads on a rickety bus, the opportunity is perfect to read some of the best travel literature. Not only these books become your perfect companion while travelling, they also add deeper philosophical meanings to your journeys. Check out these amazing books that are the perfect companion on your amazing journeys.

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Into The Wild – The real life story of Christopher Johnson McCandless is a beautiful self-explanatory journey into the vast wilderness of Alaska. The book portrays several human emotions like loneliness, accomplishment, inner peace, contemplation and sheer desolation faced by the protagonist. This book will be your valued companion through your backpacking trip.

Eat, Pray, Love – The story of a modern American woman, Eliza Gilbert, determined to travel and have different experiences. The protagonist travels to Italy, India and Indonesia and her tales are an interesting travelogue. Eat, Pray, Love will surely entertain and enlighten you during your vacation.

The Alchemist – One of the most read books, The Alchemist is a classic that follows the story of a shepherd boy from Spain to Egypt. The book talks about following your heart and to chase one’s dreams. Full of inspirational quotes and philosophy, The Alchemist is one of the best reads during your travel.

The Great Railway Bazaar – American novelist Paul Theroux describes his amazing four-month journey by train from London to Asia via several regions and countries. His travelogue follows the famous Hippie Trail, now defunct. A very interesting read about the 1970s and how different the world was back then from the recent years.

City of Djinns – British historian and writer, William Dalrymple is  renowned in the world for his amazing works that incorporate a mix of history, culture, and wonderful story telling. The City of Djinns is one such book that highlights the cultural legacies of India’s capital Delhi. The book talks about several characters of Delhi and its background stories along with the cultural heritages of the city.  

Down Under – Written by famous American travel writer Bill Bryson, Down Under is a wonderful travelogue based on Australia. The book highlights all the aspects of Australia including its geography, climate, people, unique plants, and animals. The story also includes the tales of several explorers and pioneers and their unique contribution in exploring the Red continent.

Vagabonding – A special travel book that always provides a strong wanderlust. The underlying theme of the book is to be brave and travel the world for an extended time. The idea is simple. Get rid of your fear by accepting all positive and negative incidents as vital experiences of your life. The idea of learning a new culture, languages and meeting new people on the road will certainly enhance your own travel and help you to get the best out of your vacation.

Lost on Planet China – Probably the most interesting travel narrative based on China, Maarten Troost’s novel is a mix of humour, quirky tales, and travelogue. The resulting combination is a book full of fascinating description about the world’s most populous country. The book talks about various aspects of China and its wonderful heritages with a dash of humour and interesting tales.  

Blue Highways – A book that describes the vast American countryside, was published way back in 1982 by author William Least Heat-Moon. This amazing travelogue shows various aspects of the American countryside and talks about several interesting characters and their tales encountered by the author during his travel. The name of the book Blue Highways was coined by the author to denote the forgotten and unused highways that connect the rural countryside of America.

Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer, the writer of Into The Wild, has described his own personal account of the Mount Everest climbing expedition in 1996. The expedition turned into a disaster due to a severe storm and serious competition between several adventure companies operating and trying to summit the pinnacle of Mount Everest. The expedition ended in a massive disaster and eight climbers lost their lives. The book is a gripping account of the Everest climbing expedition, its risks and challenges and the stiff competition that sometimes overlook the standard established safety procedures in order to summit the world’s tallest mountain. Enough to motivate you for a climbing expedition or a trekking trip to the Himalayas.

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