These Magnificent Filming Locations Of 10 Oscar-Winning Movies Will Make You Go...

These Magnificent Filming Locations Of 10 Oscar-Winning Movies Will Make You Go ‘Lights, Camera, Action’!

The Forbidden City in Beijing
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The 91st Academy Awards took place last weekend and we're still recovering from the Oscars hangover! Which Best Picture nominated movie is your favourite? Is it Black Panther? Roma? Vice? Or is The Favourite your favourite?! With fabulous acting, brilliant scripts, on-point direction and picturesque cinematography, ever wondered where your favorite Oscar winning movies have been filmed? And whether you can visit these striking locales? We’ve got you covered; here are some magnificent filming locations of Best Picture Oscar winning movies that’ll make you go ‘lights, camera, action’!

10 Magnificent Filming Locations Of Oscar-Winning Movies

Around the World in 80 Days:

Skyline of Paris
Ah! This classic movie about an Englishman trying to travel the world in 80 days won the Best Picture Oscar in the year 1957. Filmed on movie sets and also literally all across the world, you will see glimpses of Los Angeles, London, Paris, Bangladesh, Spain, Japan, Thailand and Pakistan in this movie. Wondering which of these destinations you should visit and explore? Check out these cool travel packages to help you narrow down your next vacation destination.

Ben Hur:

The picturesque city of Rome
Ben Hur won the Best Picture Oscar in the year 1960. Filmed all across Rome, Italy, Ben Hur was the biggest and the most expensive movie of its time. No wonder then that it won a record breaking (back then) 11 Oscars! When you visit Rome, do make sure to explore the commune of Arcinazzo Romano where the Nazareth scenes were filmed. You could also visit Latomies di Salone at Salone, which doubled up as the ‘The valley of lepers’ in the movie.

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The Sound Of Music:

The Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg
Any Oscar winning movie list is incomplete without this beautiful flick. The Sound Of Music won the Best Picture Oscar in the year 1966. This musical drama was predominantly filmed amidst the picturesque localities of Salzburg, Austria. The famous ‘Do-re-mi’ song was shot at the colossal Mirabell Palace and Gardens, Salzburg.  The Horse Pond in Salzburg is where Maria and the kids dance during the ‘My favorite things’ song. These are just a couple of the several filming locations of the movie. Why not book this memorable Salzburg tour and explore Austria like a true-blue TSOM fan?!


The famous 'Rocky Steps' leading up to the museum
Like a true underdog, Rocky - the character as well as the movie, won hearts and accolades across the globe. It also won an Oscar for Best Picture in the year 1977. Filmed for most part in Philadelphia, a few scenes from the movie were also shot in Los Angeles, USA. The most famous filming locale in Rocky is that of the stairs where he trains. This stairway is located on 26th Street Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. and leads to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Out Of Africa:

Blue Wildebeest at Masai Mara National Park
Starring the ethereal beauty Meryl Streep and the dapper Robert Redford, Out of Africa won an Oscar for the Best Picture in the year 1986. Based on the autobiographical book of the same name by Isak Dinesen, the movie has been filmed entirely in Kenya. The Maasai Mara National Reserve, Shaba National Game Reserve, the Muthaiga Country Club and the Ngong Hills are just a few of the several gorgeous locations that serve as a backdrop to this heart touching film.

The Last Emperor:

The Forbidden City in Beijing
Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, did you know that The Last Emperor was the first western feature film that was allowed to be filmed in the Forbidden City, by the People's Republic of China? Exploring the life of the last imperial ruler of China, this movie won an Oscar for Best Picture in the year 1988. Want to see the magnificent Forbidden City, Beijing? Book your Beijing tour with us today and leave for an unforgettable experience in China!

Forrest Gump:

Beach at the Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina
This movie needs no introduction! Having a cult following, Forrest Gump won the Academy Award for the Best Picture in the year 1995. The place where Gump sits and disposes pearls of wisdom to anyone who would listen, Chippewa Square, is very much present in Savannah, Georgia (USA). However, the bench was just a piece of movie set furniture. If you want to see it, it has been placed at the Savannah History Museum. Also, the Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina, was used as a body double for the Vietnam war scenes in the movie.

Shakespeare In Love:

The regal Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire
Winning the Best Picture Oscar in the year 1999, Shakespeare In Love was a delight for every person in love with literature. Although a lot of the movie was filmed on-set, some real-life locations that were used included the Hatfield House in Hertfordshire, the quaint chapel located on the campus of Eton College and the spectacular Broughton Castle in Oxfordshire.

Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King:

Add some CGI and this is Mordor!
It won’t be wrong to say that the trilogy of LOTR subliminally serves as a superb tourism advertisement for New Zealand! Filmed entirely across the rolling hills of New Zealand, Lord Of The Rings - The Return Of The King won its Oscar in the year 2004. The Tongariro National Park is where you will find the Land Of Mordor. And, the city of Edoras can be found on Mount Sunday. In fact, over 150 real filming locations of New Zealand were used in this film.

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Slumdog Millionaire:

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station in Mumbai
Directed by Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire, based on the novel ‘Q & A’ written by Vikas Swarup, won an Oscar in the year 2009. Filming was held, for most part, in Mumbai. But the movie also sees a special appearance by the hypnotic Taj Mahal at Agra, India. A majority of the Mumbai scenes were filmed in the Dharavi slum, while the foot-tapping ‘Jai Ho’ was filmed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus train station, Mumbai. As far as 2018’s Best Picture Oscar nominees are concerned, did you know that T’chala’s battle for the throne (Black Panther) was filmed at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina? And, Roma, if you have watched the film you will know, was not filmed in Rome but in Mexico!
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