These Stunning Images Prove Why Burj Al Arab Is The Most Instagrammed...

These Stunning Images Prove Why Burj Al Arab Is The Most Instagrammed Hotel In The World!

Burj Al Arab, The Most Instagrammed Hotel In The World
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Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel, is an epitome of the royal Arab culture. The world’s only seven-star hotel, boasting of £19,000-a-night royal suite shaped like a sail, rises high above the Dubai shoreline with awe-inspiring grace and grandeur.

The world’s most popular hotel on Instagram will easily sweep you off your feet by its sheer luxury offerings - starting off with its helipad, candy-colored entrance atrium, to chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce cars for guests and many more such majestic services.

Suites with revolving beds covered by Egyptian cotton sheets boast of spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf. Take in these stunning views from the private pools in the hotel.

Food connoisseurs will literally have a lot on their plates, here. Savour delightful local cuisine at Bab Al Yam restaurant while “Al Muntaha” situated on the 27th floor, 200 meters above the sea level, offers a delectable array of mouth-watering food across the world. Al Mahara, with its golden arch entrance, and a gigantic blue aquarium will leave your senses delighted.

Enjoy access to unique luxuries like private beach, sunbeds and much more. This should be reason enough that #Burj Al Arab, is drubbing its competitors, and boasts of 500,000+ Instagram followers - one of the most powerful hotels on social media!

Here are some glimpses!

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500,000 Instagram followers, a helipad, gold-plated iPads, and 9 restaurants!

These are just some of the many stunning offerings of the Burj Al Arab hotel!


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Enjoy a sumptuous meal with your beloved and marvel at the spectacular views all across.

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The spectacular Al Mahara restaurant!

Popular for its delicious seafood, the widely popular Al Mahara restaurant at Burj Al Arab provides an underwater feel thanks to a wall-to-ceiling aquarium with schools of fishes including sharks.


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202 bedroom suites!

The hotel has adorned each suite with plush carpets, down comforters and Egyptian cotton sheets. All the rooms are furnished with single sofa beds and every suite is served by its own butler.

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Popular among international celebrities

Socialites and celebs like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Lewis Hamilton, and Selena Gomez among others have visited the Burj Al Arab hotel on numerous occasions. Andre Agassi and Roger Federer once played a game of tennis on its roof while Tiger Woods recently teed off at its infinity pool, hitting the ball into the ocean!

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1500 staff (including 200 butlers)!

The carefully hand-picked staff members ensure that the customer service remains impeccable; even if it means meeting the most obscure demands of the guests.
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Michelin-starred chefs!

Twice Michelin-starred chef, Nathan Outlaw is at the helm of the Burj Al Arab's iconic seafood restaurant, Al Mahara which with its own floor-to-ceiling aquarium, is one of the best in Dubai!
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Epitome of luxury..

There's no better way to luxuriate than on one of the 8 Royal Cabanas that overlook Burj Al Arab Terrace, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai skyline! These cabanas offer unparalleled poolside facilities - dedicated butler service, fully stocked mini-bars, espresso machines, Bang & Olufsen TVs and to top it all - a private bathroom and shower area as well as a veranda overlooking the sea! If you too are tempted to pamper yourself in the lap of luxury, then a stay at this extravagant and palatial hotel is a must! book now If you liked this article you might like our other picture-based articles:

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