Things not allowed on Flights

    things not allowed on flights
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    Airline guidelines are confusing – no doubt about that! If the check-in and baggage allowance related policies aren’t complex enough, you have this whole list of things that are not allowed on planes! And, it’s not one or two items, but a whole list, mind you! While most of them have logical restrictions, a few of them are downright ridiculous! Before we move on to read out this list, get acquainted with the terminologies (checked baggage, cabin baggage etc.), knowing them you will know how to carry majority of your stuff without much hassles. Checked Baggage is referred to the luggage which is delivered to an airline for transportation in the hold of an aircraft, making it inaccessible to the passenger during the flight. However, cabin baggage or hand luggage is allowed to be carried along in the passenger compartment of a vehicle instead of moving to the cargo compartment. check-in baggage, hand baggage, things not allowed on aeroplanes

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