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Baku – The land of legendary hospitality and fantastic cuisine

Take a holiday to Azerbaijan and explore Baku - the Land of Fire. Set amidst forested slopes, at the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains, Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, resembles Dubai in many ways. The city has managed to acquire a modern look, while at the same time preserving its ancient heritage and old-world charm.  

Famed for its medieval, walled Old City, Baku’s top tourist attractions includes a vast royal complex, the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, the iconic stone Maiden Tower, the world famous Flame Tower, and so much more! Apart from its major tourist attractions, there are numerous other things to do in Baku. Check out the list mentioned below!

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Romantic holidays in Baku


When picking a wedding or honeymoon destination, there are infinite choices, but only few places can offer true charm, along with a seamless blend of beautiful settings, inspirational luxury, and great hospitality. 

Cherish the very first romantic moments of your married life, with an incredible honeymoon at Azerbaijan’s fascinating capital city of Baku, a city that truly inspires romance. From the very moment you arrive in Baku, you will be spoilt for choice! Baku’s modern attractions and exotic charm make it a truly unique and ideal city for romantic holidays in Azerbaijan. Savour each special moment of your honeymoon in this city, revelling in Baku’s beautiful beaches and their hideaways, sandy coves, azure crystal waters, and the lush greenery that accentuate its romantic charm.

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Nightlife in Baku

Baku nightlife

With a unique blend of eastern and western cultures and a passion for music and dance, the capital of Azerbaijan – Baku offers a fertile ground for a vibrant nightlife. Among all other Azerbaijan cities, Baku has the most electric nightlife, ranging from myriad cafes and pubs, to trendy bars and restaurants that cater to the hip, young crowd. The glittering city of Baku also features a great selection of waterfront bars, happening clubs, cocktail venues, a thriving folk music scene, as well as plenty of live shows and international music festivals that are held annually in the city, such as the International Rostropovich Festival and the International Baku Jazz Festival.

As the sun goes down, Baku blazes with a buzzing atmosphere and colourful entertainment activities. Enjoy a few romantic moments on one of the best beaches of Baku, or simply have a delightful dinner at any of the city’s multitude of lively restaurants. Sip a classy cocktail or a glass of local wine after dinner, and discover the city’s thriving bar scene. The city’s numerous dance and music venues and opera theatres, offer an unforgettable night for people enjoying their romantic holidays in Baku. Read more

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Leisure activities in Baku


Visiting a Water Park in Baku

With a wide range of tourist attractions, stunning beaches, great shopping opportunities, incredible cuisine and numerous leisure activities to do, holidays in Baku are bound to be fun for all age groups. The water park in Baku, located at the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel, is considered as one of the most sought-after family attractions in Baku.

Adventure activities in Baku

If you are seeking summer sports, activities, and leisure experiences, the Caspian Sea coastline and the mountainous terrain of Azerbaijan make the country an ultimate destination for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. The Caucasus Mountains are popular among climbers and hikers alike, owing to the landscape accentuated with glaciers, high peaks and beautiful forested valleys, making it an ideal place for those seeking an ultimate wilderness experience.

The Caucasus region of Azerbaijan also offers opportunities for adventurous driving and mountain biking. One can even enjoy myriad skiing opportunities in the Caucasus, along with kayaking, which is possible in the region's many rivers.

Talise Spa in Baku

spaRecharge and unwind yourself after a day full of sightseeing. Talise Spa, one of the best things to do while in the city, invites you to enjoy a truly luxurious experience, at the Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel. The tranquil Talise Spa is a great place to go to, in order to feel replenished and indulged. With a dazzling array of spa experiences including Finnish Saunas, a Turkish Hammam, luxurious spa suites, and numerous treatments, the hotel offers rejuvenation for both, the body as well as the mind.