Things to Do in Montenegro – A Country Full of Surprises

Things to Do in Montenegro – A Country Full of Surprises

Montenegro Natural Beauty

Good things come in small packages. This old adage holds true for the classic beauty called Montenegro. Blessed with nature’s bounty, the scenic views literally cast a spell on you. This Balkan nation boasts of rugged mountains, steep canyons, crystal-clear water, and gorgeous sandy beaches. The architectural heritage of this country stands testament to its historic past and diverse ethnic influences. Though the size of Montenegro might be insignificant, it holds a promise of noteworthy experiences.

Here’s a list of things to do in this picture-perfect land.

Into the wild – Hiking in Montenegro

Montenegro landscape

Montenegro is known for its rocky mountains, unspoilt landscapes, and sprawling forests that continue to remain unheard by many. Adventure enthusiasts can look forward to great hiking experiences and surreal scenic views. Prokletije mountain range is known for its glacial lakes, peaks that are rarely visited, and challenging trails; it is also one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Montenegro. Durmitor National Park on the other hand, offers a variety of activities such as hiking tours (ranging from easy to demanding), rock climbing, and ski tours. Canyon of Mrtvica is yet another incredible hiking destination that is worth a climb.

Hiking must be on your list of things to do in Montenegro...don't miss it!

Soak up the sun – Sandy beaches of Montenegro

Montenegro Beaches

Sun-kissed beaches of Montenegro are perfect for an ideal summer holiday. The beaches are relatively quieter and travellers across the globe are drawn to the warm, turquoise coloured water of the Adriatic. If luxury is what you have in mind, then head to Sveti Stefan. It is a tiny inlet with a luxurious resort. One of the longer beaches of Budva – Jaz Beach, has earned itself a global reputation. It is known to host major open-air concerts for many renowned artists. This beach is quite popular amongst water sports enthusiasts. Another hot favourite beach along the Budva Riviera is Bečići. With numerous bars and seafood restaurants, Bečići Beach is a Mecca for socially active travellers, and night revelers. Looking for a memorable tour of Montenegro, check out wonderful tour packages of Montenegro 

Montenegro Coastline

A treasure trove of history – Architectural heritage of Montenegro

Montenegro Heritage

When visiting a new destination, it is good to know about its rich history and culture. And, Montenegro has them in abundance. The medieval town of Kotor should definitely be on your list. It has a history dating back to 168 BC and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This small town is surrounded by walls and fortresses, and houses some of the oldest buildings that are as old as hills. The Old Town of Budva takes you way back in the medieval era with its cobbled alleys, striking city walls, and Mediterranean-style stone houses. It is one of the oldest towns on the Adriatic Coast. The Venetian-era buildings are still standing tall and are home to several cafes, restaurants, and shops. A stop over at Stari Bar, an ancient town now in ruins, is recommended for history aficionados.

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Montenegro Stari Bar

Spiritual Calling  – Cathedrals and Monasteries in Montenegro

Montenegro Culture

Montenegro is famous among travellers as it has some of the oldest churches and splendid monasteries that are a must-see. Built in the 1600s, the Ostrog Monastery is dedicated to Saint Basil of Ostrog, who is buried here. What makes it so amusing is its architecture; it is almost carved in its entirety in a vertically positioned mountain cliff. Perched on the slope of St. John Mountain, the Church of Our Lady of Remedy dates from 1518. The climb to the church is what makes the trip worth taking. Rocks and stairs might make the journey difficult and time consuming, so go at your own behest.

Montenegro Church

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