7 Exciting Things to do in Norway – A Scandinavian Adventure!

7 Exciting Things to do in Norway – A Scandinavian Adventure!


According to the Human Development Report, Norway is the best country to live in, judged on parameters like a healthy lifestyle, the standard of living and access to knowledge. Norway is a Scandinavian country that offers surreal beauty. Travelling here is indeed a rewarding experience! The “Kingdom of Light” is extremely accessible and has plenty of luxury accommodations options for comfortable stays, too. So, be ready! These are the 7 essential things to do in Norway, your Scandinavian getaway, that will make your trip worth every single penny you spend!

7 best things to do in Norway that you can look forward to!

1. See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or the “Aurora borealis” is one of the most mysterious and mesmerizing phenomenons in the whole world. And you get to see it here in Norway! To experience the magic, visit Svolvaer and Tromso in Norway between mid-September and mid-April.

The Northern Lights in Norway
The Northern Lights in Tromso

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2. Visit the Fjords

Carved naturally as a result of submerged glacier valleys, fjords are long inlets of the sea found between mountain cliffs. Fjords in Norway are an untouched beauty wanting to be explored by nature lovers! Sognefjorden (amongst other fjords), along the western coastline, is one of the prettiest of them all! Luxury cruise options are available, too!

Nordfjord in Norway
Cruise sailing across Nordfjord

3. Stay in cabins at beautiful locations

Visit the Lofoten Archipelago, a collection of scenic islands. Don’t miss out on the historic fishermen’s cabins. Situated at secluded and tranquillizing beach locations, these cabins are also available for tourists on rent.

scenic cabins in Lofoten
Scenic cabins in Lofoten

4. Trek up the hiking trails

There’s no end to exploring the natural beauty of Norway. No better way to enjoy it other than hiking! The trekking trails here are made easy to be followed. If you’re a beginner, a trek through the Rondane National Park will make you happy. If you are up for the scarier ones, Galdhopiggen is the one for you!

preikestolen hike in norway
The Preikestolen hike

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5. Take the breathtaking train rides

Relish panoramic rail rides connecting from various cities in Norway. You can catch the train from Olso to Bergen to see the picturesque landscapes, mountains, cliffs, waterfalls and thick forests. This will definitely be a treat to your sore eyes!

Train Oslo to Bergen in mountains. Norway.
Train from Oslo to Bergen in majestic mountains

6. The gorgeous churches

In Norway, you’ll find ravishing stave churches designed and created from wood. Such churches are a representation of the wood-working industry, a crucial part of the Norwegian culture. The 13th century Heddal Stave Church is one of the most impressive and celebrated churches in Norway.

Heddal Stave Church in Norway
Heddal Stave Church in Notodden

7. The skiing-adventure

If skiing in Norway is on your mind, ski resorts in Norway are well-equipped with all the modern amenities. You will not be disappointed as you will find a wide range of accommodation from cosy cabins to luxury villas. Check for ski resorts in Hemsedal as it has lots of mountain slopes. Hafjell is another preferred winter sports destination that offers sledging and tubing.

Skiing in Hemsedal in Norway
Ski resorts in Hemsedal

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