Things to do in Thailand

Things to do in Thailand

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All about Thailand according to tourist’s point of view

Introduction: Thailand is referred as a kingdom because of its past. It is a country located in South East Asia. It has the Andaman Sea on one side and the Gulf of Thailand at one side. It has Myanmar to its northwest, to its northeast there is Laos, to its southeast is Cambodia and to its south is Malaysia. Currency used is Thai baht

What is its specialty? : This place provides the tourists with the best food, it has a tropical climate, their culture is beauty, the great mountains and beaches grasp the tourists. As it has all the specialties a tourist needs it became an attraction for the tourist. Yet it is cheap as well as safe too.

What is the climatic condition there? : Thailand is a place where it has tropical climate always. So, it all hot and humid all over the year as it has many beaches all over. The temperature generally ranges from 28-35 Celsius that is 82-95 F. anyways we can expect a cool breeze in the areas of mountains because of its greenery. Rather than having a particular climate throughout and a year we can surely notice the following three climates there.

  • Winter: this is the best time to visit this place as the temperature is really low and it doesn’t even rain at this time. This commonly starts from November and end in February. The climate is even comfortable around the time of Christmas. We should be little careful while we are going for hiking as the temperature there can be really is better to carry sweaters and all. We should book the flight tickets beforehand as the prices will be really high at this time.
  • Summer: if you are beach lover then this is the perfect time to visit Bangkok. This is mostly from the month of March to June. If we want to travel then this is not the right time.
  • Rainy climate: it is better not to plan a vacation at this point in time as it’s a tropical area the climates will be extreme. When it rains there is a chance of floods too. Better to be careful and this period lasts from July to October.


How are people over there? : There are people over the different diversities who reside in Thailand. As it is a tourist place it accepts people easily. There are all kinds of religious people in this country. Especially people who follow Buddhism are more as the maximum population is of Chinese people.


Culture and tradition followed: as there are varied kinds of communities, the culture and traditions followed will also be in large number. It is a monarch country yet giving the freedom to the people to practice their culture. As the population is more of Chinese here the Buddhist culture and traditions are followed much. There is not at all a problem for the tourists as there are even a lot of churches temples and mosques all over the cities. We can freely follow our culture and that won’t be a problem at all as it’s an accepting country to any kind of a person.


Special tradition: unlike any other country, Thailand follows its special calendar which is known as the Chinese calendar. Other than this they even use as calendar named as the solar calendar of Thai which is nearly 543 in future. They always write dates of English in form of B.E that mean the Buddhist era. People even follow the normal English calendar as it is a country which gives freedom to its citizens. When we go to a typical Chinese place then we can see this happen. This is almost followed by all Chinese people over there.


Food: this area is mostly known for its food. It serves a large variety of food throughout. The tourists will really have a confusion in their mind as on to what should they have for their meal. This place surely satisfies the taste buds of any person from any place or any special taste. Including to this if a person is not happy with the food available in a normal market; they can go for restaurants which serve continental and what not. Even few restaurants like KFC and all available for people who prefer such kind of food.


Top cities that should be visited: let us see few areas now

  • Bangkok: the first place which comes to our mind as soon as we think about Thailand is Bangkok; it is the most visited tourist place.
  • Ayutthaya: it is a historical place that is certified by UNESCO.
  • Chiang Mai: it is the center place for the especially know Lana culture.
  • Chiang Rai: best place for mountain trekking
  • Chumphon: best for beaches and islands which are unspoiled.
  • Kanchanaburi: best place to witness few of the museums which consist things of world war and the bridge above the river Kwai.
  • Nakhon Ratchasima: it is one of the largest cities which a tourist will like to explore.
  • Pattaya: one of the frequently visited tourist place for massages and enjoyment. It has many beaches and a free place which is visited by people at nights.
  • Sukhothai: it has amazing monuments as it was the first capital of this country.
  • Surat Thani: it was an empire of Sri Vijaya if any person id very keen to know about all those kingdoms and all then this is the best place to visit.


Few specialties to be observed: unlike other countries, some places in Thailand don’t need a visa to stay up. As the country’s main aim is tourism they provide this option for the tourist. Anyways the visit will surely be a conditionally based one according to the Thailand rules. If we break them then we have to surely face the consequences. Other than these as we know there are many religions, because of that there are even many festivals celebrated in this country. They have a lot of national holidays.

Best tourist destinations in Thailand

Every place has its own tourist destinations to attract its tourists. When we come to Thailand there are many places which a tourist should visit. Thailand provides places for any group of people, it satisfies all kinds of tourists. This place is mostly preferable for people in their 20s. This because Thailand is known as one such best place for bachelors as it provides a variety range of enjoyment. It is even good for people who want to enjoy beach life and such. This is even used as shooting locations in many films of different regions. Make sure to visit.


Let us see few of the best places to visit in Thailand

Thailand consists of many tourist places to visit such as many Buddhist monasteries, many landscape series of villages with fresh farms. There are many beaches and lagoons too. There are many more scenic beauties to witness in this place.


  • Chiang Rai triangle: This is the commercial area. this area is also known as the golden hub because Laos, Thailand and Myanmar borders meet at this place so it is even called as golden triangle. This place satisfies every tourist who visits it. Package tourists visit much to this place, as they go out to explore the city in the day the area will be very calm in a day and have a lot of demand at night because of its flashlights and all.


  • Pai village: It is a very calm village in the area of North Thailand. This is developing in the recent times as it right between Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai. This is a very good place if a person is interested in photography and is a very calm area for a good relaxation time. The best place to explore. There are many specialties in this area such as trekking as it’s a mountain land and can even witness the culture of tribes who live in the hills. And on the city outskirts, there are elephant safaris, hot water springs, and some great waterfalls, they even offer tubing and adventures in whitewater too.


  • Phanom Rung shrine: There is a volcano near to the northeastern Thailand. Besides it, this place is a complete area which will be liked by Hindus as there are many temples related to Hindu gods present here. This is a very old architecture which was probably built in the 10th to 13th century time period. This especially was built in devotion to Lord Shiva represent the Mount Kailash which is said to be at his residence. There is a specialty in this temple as it faces towards the east in every year 4 times sunlight passes through all the 15 doors of the temple. This is the best time to visit as the visiting hours will be extended and as well as many rituals will take place here with many ceremonies. This is better to be visited in the month April. There is even phantom rung festival at this time at that place.


  • Railay: This is a very small peninsula. We can only go there through boat because of the rocky surface. This helps from trekking for people who are interested in it and there are lots of beaches all over this area which will relax people’s minds. This is a fast-growing area and we can find good accommodation at this place. There is a lot of scenic beauty to witness here as there is a lot of greenery.


  • Khao Sok national sanctuary: This is totally a jungle area covered with lakes, rivers, karsts and many more things. This place is a natural home for some of the best wildlife species in Thailand. We can see wildlife such as barking deer, Asian elephants, bears, wild boar and Malayan tapirs. Many monkey breeds such as langurs, Gibbon, and pig-tailed macaques are also found. There are several kinds of transport to go inside the jungle which can be chosen by the tourist according to his budget. This area is special for photography, pools where we can swim and scenic points from where we can have good views.


  • Ayutthaya: This area is covered by an area where there is water on three sides of it. This was made in 1350. At that time, it was said to be the capital of the prevailing kingdom. It even was declared once as the most beautiful creation existing on the earth. This was and still is a very impressive site for tourists as there are nearly 400 temples and a large number of populations. Though it was ruined by attacks it is still loved by the tourists to visit such places to see its scenic beauty. It is very near to north Bangkok. We can go there by any road or rail transport within no time.


  • Thailand Islands: This place has the most wonderful beaches when compared to many places in the world. It even has beautiful surroundings around it. This place is selected by many celebrities to hang out as a party spot as they feel it as comfortable and posh.


  • Bangkok: This is the capital of a country. Being the capital of the country this is one of the busiest places in the country. It has many places to visit such as temples, beaches, nightclubs and much more. Though this place is one of the busiest places the people over there always took care of it seeing that the place doesn’t lose its natural beauty. This is one of the best places for food, shopping and all. We get both cheap and good goods over here. This place is even known for its special varieties of massage and spa treatments. The food over here is sold in large varieties by putting in mind about both the tourists who come from different places as well as the local people who reside there. It is a great business and marketing yard and very nice place for shopping different things in less and reasonable prices


Shopping and food in Thailand

Any tourist will visit a place mainly for two reasons and they are shopping and to have a various kind of food. Few may even have other reasons to travel but the majority of them travel for those both reasons. For that reason, Thailand provides all its tourists with a wide and good range of restaurants and shopping spots in the whole country.

Let us see few shopping spots in Thailand:

  • Siam Discovery mall: if compared this is smaller than other big malls in the city, but if seen separately this is one of the big malls in the city. This mall is very spacious and this helps the tourists to walk around and have a look all around the mall and buy what they want. This mall sells some of the major brands like diesel and all.
  • Terminal 21: this mall is recently started in the year 2011. This mall is a really special one throughout as each of its level resembles some country or city such as Tokyo, Rome, London, etc. this is a very big building which has nearly 600 shops in it. This mall satisfies all kinds of buyers as it has branded shops as well as small local brand shops too. It even consists of a restaurant and cinema hall.
  • Emporium: this is like one all in one mall which has everything right from food, perfume, clothing and everything. Each floor is dedicated to each thing. Even jewelry is sold at this mall. It even consists of spa centers, exhibition Centre and Thai gift shops. Its ground floor is really mesmerizing because of its lighting. This mall even has products of furniture and all. They serve food with authentic Thai flavors. This mall is little costly and it has branded goods.
  • Chatuchak weekend market: this is not only popular in Thailand but even is one of the popular markets in the world. This market is nearly spread for a kilometer and thousands of visitors visit it. The visitors are both foreigner and local. There are many stalls satisfying every tourist. This is surely an eye feast we can just have a look around if we don’t want to shop anything. These markets are cheap compared to malls. They even have food stalls all around. They sell almost every product popular there.
  • Asiatique: this is a new night market in Bangkok. This place is a perfect blend of American, European and Asian culture. They have food and shopping culture according to this as these are the people who visit Bangkok much. This area was previously a cold storage which is later converted into an area of a shopping mall. This mall even consists of pubs, cafes and all. The food at their restaurant is a really tasty meal. The products which we find here can also be found in the weekend markets. If a person is the mad fan of ice cream and 4D cinema this is a must visit a place.


Let us see few best restaurants in Thailand:

  • Le Du restaurant: this restaurant as few of the authentic Thai flavors. They really have a creative food menu that changes according to the seasons. The chef team of this restaurant always has something to surprise its customers. The name may confuse us but the food available is truly Thai. This restaurant is situated in narrow lanes of the city. The ambiance of the restaurant will make you visit it again and again. Unlike any other restaurant people in Thailand people in this restaurant speak good English which is the good thing for tourist.
  • Bunker: this is a three leveled restaurant. We get some good European food here with additions of few American tastes. This place surely has a romantic ambiance at nights because of its lighting. They serve the large variety of food such as salads, pasta and much more. It has the best interior compared to many big restaurants. This restaurant even has a bar in its ground floor with live music and lights. There is a limited menu but it always is a full one. Oysters are its specialty as they are always served fresh. This is even best for vegetarian tourists.
  • Issaya Siamese Club: this is one of the best Thai restaurants in the city. The Even map cannot find the location of this place it is that inside. This is probably a 100-year-old house which is remodeled into a club, putting the club part aside this place is even good for having a great dining. This is popular amongst Thai people as normal tourists can’t get to it so easily. This is a two leveled club. This has gardens and a lot of bean bags. We can surely get a good drink before dining. It is a nostalgic place.
  • Eat me: this place is a promise to the people to have some good food and wine. This area even has a gallery to attract the people. This even serves good desserts to its customers. This is one of the best-reviewed restaurants in Bangkok. People often tend to visit this place again and again. For film lovers, it is the best place to visit as said before there is a wonderful gallery at this place. While watching it we can have a good meal at this place it is both eye and mouth satisfying place. Each penny worths here.
  • Free Bird restaurant: this place has a lively atmosphere as well as they always think to have something new on their menu. The level of cuisine is at its high level. The graffiti on the walls is a special attraction here. The ambiance of the restaurant will be really good with some really good music playing always on the stereo. They serve Australian cuisine more at this place. Including the food, they even have a good range of wines and coffees. They always see to it that the fresh ingredients are used because Australian cuisine is all about its freshness.

What is the best time and how to go to Thailand?

When do I visit Thailand? : according to many people as well as the travel guides in that place a preferable time for someone to visit Thailand is its winter season. This generally starts from November and ends in December.

Why is it recommended? : as Thailand has a tropical climate it has its extremes as it may be summer the heat will be high and humid and if it is rainy the rains may even probably lead to floods. So winter is the best time where a tourist can enjoy to his fullest.

What is so special in winter rather than the climate? : Winter is not only preferred because of the season, but it has many other reasons too. In winter we can witness many beautiful things around the country. There are many special attractions which happen in the country are only in the winter. This is suitable for any kind of tourism plan a person has. Right from enjoying at the beach to trekking. Not only are these but there many other offers at the malls in this season because the tourists will visit this country at this period of time.

Festival season: this season of winter also has a lot of festivals for people in Thailand as they celebrate their king birthday all over the country as it is a monarch place. This is generally followed on 5th of December. At this period of time, there will be many celebrations and special attractions throughout the country which are surely worth a watch. Even Christmas and children’s day is celebrated very well here, which fortunately falls at the same time period. In addition to this because of all these things, people will offer more discount to the buyers and this is surely a good deal.

How do I travel? : There are many ways to travel to Thailand as it is a tourist place. We can probably go by car, bus, flight, ship or anything. For saving time we can go in flight for saving money we can go in a ship. The choice always depends on the tourists on what he wants to choose. According to his comfort, he can choose the transport by keeping all his expenditures in mind and making an account beforehand. This will save him money for his further expenses there.

If flight, when do I book my tickets? : If you are planning to go in the happening season such as winter, then it is better to book the tickets beforehand. As the flight rates will be very high at this point of time and you may have to invest the maximum into the ticketing. If you planning in a not happening season such as summer and rainy, we can surely find good deals from the airlines. They offer discounts to attract the customers to visit their country and we can make the beat use out of it. Anyways before fixing on to anything you can surely consult a travel agent or company who can assist you on this. Sometimes, this may help you a lot in case of visiting.

Do I sure require a passport if I choose something else rather than flight? : Always remember any foreigner will require an identification proof before entering any other country. For this reason, what so ever type of transport you may choose you surely need to have a passport. The Thailand airways even have a rule that they follow that is the passport should be valid for the next 6 months after you enter Thailand. Passport not only helps in traveling but is used as identification inside the country if you want to hire anything or for any other. If the police catch you for any reason at that situation also passport will help them to know that you are a visitor. If you even break any rule by seeing the passport they may exempt you from the punishment as you may not know their rules. So, it is always safe to carry a passport with you whenever you step out from your place.

Do I require the visa? :  Thailand embassy has its own rules. Any foreigner can visit this place without for only tourism purpose and not any purpose. They should have their return ticket confirmed for which the limit is within a month that they land in Thailand. Anyways the neighboring countries don’t need any visa, like Malaysia and so. It is always better to have a visa as this doesn’t force us to come back soon. We can even extend our trip if we want to because Thailand is one such place where we will want to stay for a long time and enjoy all the beauties of the place. By doing this we will be free to book our return ticket whenever we wish like coming back.

Is it safe and worthy? : This one of the majorly asked questions by the tourists before traveling to Thailand. This is because of the culture that they follow there like all the seducing massages and party culture. Anyways any place is always a safe one until we are in our safety and limits and we should try not to come out of them. The trip to Thailand is a worthy one for bachelor parties, for men who want to enjoy free time and even for relaxation. Ladies prefer relaxing massage and beach parties.