These Are The Best Things to do in Turkey In December

These Are The Best Things to do in Turkey In December

Most people think of Turkey as a typical summer destination. Be it the warm beaches, the scenic hikes, or thrilling adventure activities, people often think that Turkey is at its best during the summers. Well, guess what, they might be wrong! Believe it or not, there are plenty interesting, fun things to do in Turkey even during the cold winter months starting from December. Visit Turkey in December to soak in the most authentic experience ever. It's a nice time to visit turkey with kids!

Visit an array of Turkish winter destinations

Horses pulling sleigh in winter in Cildir lake, Turkey There is so much more to Turkey than beaches! The country is studded with a handful of exciting must-visit winter landmarks. Whiz past the frozen Lake Cildir on a horse-drawn sleigh. Have a close communion with nature, while you soak in the snowy views of Lake Abant. Have the lovely Sumela Monastery all to yourself, and admire the snowy, forested path that leads to it. There is no shortage of things to do in Turkey in winter.

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Avail massive discounts and cheaper rates

Red diesel train connecting Ankara to Kars, Turkey Who doesn’t love discounts? We all do! Travelling in off season always has its perks, and the same applies while visiting Turkey in December. Travel during the winter months and enjoy Turkey at an incredibly cheap rate! The hotels are cheaper, Turkey winter tours and activities are discounted, restaurants become cheaper – what more can one ask for!

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Soak in an authentic Turkish experience

If you loathe crowds, Turkey winter tours are ideal for you! Visiting during offseason means less crowds, giving you an opportunity to explore the best, without bumping into tourists everywhere! Have famous destinations like the streets of Istanbul, the world-famous Hagia Sophia mosque, and the ancient city of Ephesus all to yourself! This is also the time when you can experience quality interaction with the locals. Visit Turkey in December for an authentic Turkish experience.

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Where to go in Turkey in December?

Cappadocia in December 

Hot air balloons fly over Cappadocia in winter, Goreme, Turkey Devoid of the maddening summer crowds, explore Cappadocia’s fairy-chimney rock formations coated by a soft blanket of snow, during the winter months – absolutely magical! Check out the medieval rock churches and open-air museums, explore the underground cities, trek through the valleys – hands down, there is absolutely no dearth of fun things to do in Turkey in December!

Enjoy winter sports at Turkey’s numerous ski resorts

Beautiful winter landscape with snow covered trees. Uludag National Park, Bursa. Turkey Winter holidays in Turkey are gaining popularity owing to an array of amazing ski resorts dotted along the Turkish mountains. Uludag, located in Bursa is the oldest and most popular winter holiday resort of Turkey, and is noted for its vibrant nightlife. Kartepe in Izmir is ideal for those looking for weekend getaways from Istanbul. This is where one can enjoy skiing amid tranquil surroundings. For professional skiers looking for a real skiing adventure along steep slopes, Palandoken skiing centre, perched on Turkey’s highest peak, is the best bet. Ski resorts are the best places to visit in Turkey in December!
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