Tips To Make Your Honeymoon Special !

Tips To Make Your Honeymoon Special !

Tips To Make Your Honeymoon Special
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 Pick your perfect destination

Pick your perfect destination:

The bride has dreams of holidaying in a comfy, elegant four-poster room in Switzerland, while the groom wishes for a luxurious beach resort on the Caribbean. Well, it’s decision making time! Put down your ideas on paper, discuss your wishes and wants and choose a destination that keeps both parties happy. Now-a-days, with a trend on 12-15 day honeymoons, you can easily accommodate three to four cities on your trip, so in case of a difference in choice, you have ample time to do everything both of you’ll had wished for on your nuptials getaway. Plan in advance

Plan in advance:

When to start planning your special vacation, is the most common query of to-be-weds. The answer is simple – the sooner, the better. With so many other things in hand, like wedding venues, hotel bookings, invitations, caterers, etc. planning your honeymoon is just going to add to the turmoil. Plan well in advance so that you can explore several destination, know all the hotspots, look up for honeymoon offers, fly comfortable airlines and most importantly, think rationally to make wise and economic decisions. So post you’re ceremony, all you need to do is catch the first flight to paradise! Know the destination in-and-out

Know the destination in-and-out:

It’s a trend these days to travel to unexplored and unheard destinations. While that is a great choice, you need to make sure you know where exactly your destination is located and how long does it take to reach there. Sure, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Seychelles and Mexico are exotic spots to spend your newly-married days, but some of these outlandish destinations require over 24-hours of travel. It’s best to go ahead with these choices only if your body, budget and holiday duration permits.  

Make a budget:

It’s one thing to dream about your perfect honeymoon getaway, it is another to actually make it happen. While they say, you should spend lavishly on this once-in-a-lifetime holiday, you also need to be smart with your spending. Check if you can use your miles while booking air tickets as airfares account for a major chuck of your expenses. There are exclusive honeymoon resorts you can explore while picking your destination. That’s not all, hotels have special offers for newly-weds, wherein you can avail discounts on your stay, add a complimentary night, upgrade to a suite or even organize romantic dates. Make sure you research well, make clever choices and let everyone know that you love-birds are on your honeymoon! Seek the help of professionals

Seek the help of professionals:

If you are hiring a designer for your wedding dress and a baker for your wedding cake, why not go to a travel agent for your honeymoon trip? Professionals know the tricks of the trade, ready with a list of suggestions and getting you great deals. Keeping in mind all your tastes, they will customize your holiday within your budget.  

Tell everyone ‘Its Your Honeymoon’:

Inform everyone on the way that it is your honeymoon. While making reservations inform the hotel that you are celebrating you honeymoon. There are many courtesies for guests travelling on their honeymoon." Plan a surprise

Plan a surprise:

Basking in the new love, you should consider surprising your partner completely sweeping him/her feet! You can either plan it with your travel agent or speak directly with the hotel and organize a romantic dinner on the beach, a couple spa, tickets to an opera or even an adventurous excursion. It is a great way to add some spice, or should we say sugar, to this romantic getaway.  


To ensure you don’t face any inconvenience, make a check-list like you usually do on any other holiday. Keep your passport, tickets, hotel reservations, health insurance, credit cards, etc. safely; make sure you have two copies with each of you’ll. Depending on the destination, pack appropriate clothing and gear in case of any adventurous activities. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin this special occasion over silly mishaps.

A honeymoon is all about starting a new phase of your lives together – make the most of this opportunity, learn new things about each other and build a strong base for the years ahead!

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