Expert Tips To Save Money With Multi-Stop Flights

Expert Tips To Save Money With Multi-Stop Flights

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Flying has become a norm. In fact, more than a norm, it has become a necessity! And owing to the rules of simple demand and supply, the air fare has risen steadily over the years. We accept the rate on the tickets and purchase them with a pinch of regret, owing to exorbitant prices. But what if we told you, that thanks to a few enterprising minds, flying does not have to be as expensive. Call them tips or call them hacks or any other word you are comfortable saying, following them simply lead to saving money, a proposition hard to turn down. Interested in saving some money?

Here are the tips to save money with multi-stop itineraries:-

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Use Local Airlines

Since your journey is going to be have multiple stops, try to book as many local flights as possible. Let’s say your journey takes you from Qatar, then India and then Thailand. Book the legs of the flight of India and Thailand from their respective local low-cost carrier, and they will give you the best possible deals. Doing so is going to involve putting in some time to research, but the payback is totally worth it. This is the best tip to save money with Multi-stop itinerary.

Research a Lot

This step is the key. Take some time to see offers from a host of websites and compile your results in one place. Take a look at websites like Kayak, WhichBudget, Skyscanner, Momondo, Airtreks, Hipmunk, Flylc, and forums, to hunt for discounts. There are dedicated websites like kayak which give you a separate option to book multi-stop flights. The mantra here is to take an informed guess after seeing through the patterns. Patience really does pay off at this stage. Here are more ways to book a cheap flight!

Be aware of hidden fees

Take a closer look at the super cheap flight offers that you’ve just got. A lot of times, there are charges which are not exactly told upfront and you end up being informed at the very last moment leaving you with no but choice to shell out money. To avoid that mess, confirm if there are baggage and other charges for that particular ticket.

Free stopovers

This is the most fun you can have while saving money. Some international airlines offer a free stopover in the central hub they operate from. This means, if you choose Iceland Air to fly from USA to any European city, you can stay in Reykjavik for up to 7 days and fly out at the same cost. Without any price hike, you have an additional city to explore! The good news is that there are other airlines which also offer a similar proposition like Emirates(Dubai), Japan Airlines (Tokyo or Osaka), Finn Air(Helsinki), Thai Airways(Bangkok), and Turkish Airlines(Istanbul). Here are some of the airlines that provide free stopovers. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions to the list, or any doubts or questions. We love helping our readers. Now that we are talking about flying, here is a fun article on co-passengers that will make you laugh and an article that will help you overcome your fear of flying.