Tokyo Halal Food Guide – Best Halal Restaurants To Visit In Tokyo

Tokyo Halal Food Guide – Best Halal Restaurants To Visit In Tokyo

Tokyo Halal Food

Tokyo, Japan is one of the trendiest destinations for Muslim travellers in recent years. Tokyo’s futuristic skyline, neon-lit streets, superfast bullet trains, delicious food, and amazing historic and cultural attractions make it a delightful destination. Tokyo has now a fair share of halal hotels and halal restaurants, catering to the needs of Muslim travellers. The Japanese capital is one the best cities in the world for foodies. Japanese cuisine is gaining a lot of fame in recent years. The country boasts of having the highest number of Michelin Starred restaurants, operated by legendary chefs like Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa, Masaharu Morimoto, Jiro Ono, and Harumi Kurihara.

Tokyo Halal Food

Finding good quality halal food restaurants is not a problem anymore. There are several restaurants offering halal foods and some of them have become really well-known in recent years. Check out some of the best halal restaurants to visit in Tokyo.

Best Halal Restaurants To Visit In Tokyo

Best Halal Restaurant in Shinjuku – Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka

Tokyo Halal Food

Located in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, this classic ramen eatery is one of the highly recommended halal restaurants in the Japanese capital. Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka is owned and staffed by Muslim patrons. Here, you can have delicious halal food including a bowl of ramen served with grilled chicken, half-boiled eggs, chicken dumplings, rice bowl and yakotori.

Best Halal Restaurant in Shinjuku – Yoshitomoan Soba

Yoshitomoan Soba is one the best halal restaurants in Tokyo, Japan. This amazing restaurant is not halal certified but boasts of offering delicious halal food. It’s famous for their soba served with tempura. You have the option of selecting from three halal dishes – Tamagotoji (egg) soba set, agemochi (fried mochi) soba set or kake soba (regular) set. All of these dishes are served with tempura (sea food) served with cold tofu and warabimochi as dessert.

Best Halal Restaurant in Shibuya – Gyumon

Tokyo Halal Food

Gyumon is not a halal-certified restaurant but serves delicious halal food. Located in the busy streets of bustling Shibuya, this small eatery is known for its authentic halal yakiniku. Gyumon also serves juicy and well-marinated beef tenderloin which comes with a salad and soup. The restaurant also serves delicious meat, chicken, salad, rice, and beef slices.

Best Halal Restaurant in Shibuya – Honolu Ebisu

Honolu Ebisu is one of the highly reputed halal restaurants of Tokyo, known for its chicken ramen noodles. Halal Certified by Malaysia Halal Corporation, Honolu Ebisu is popular for its delicious fried chicken ramen. It’s thick and rich broth comes in different flavours and tastes. Don’t forget to order Nikko Ken Goyza, a crispy pan-fried dumplings filled with tofu and chicken. The restaurant also has its own prayer space.

Best Halal Restaurant in Narita International Airport – La Toque

Tokyo Halal Food

Narita International Airport is where most tourists arrive in the country. For Muslim travellers, Narita Airport has a wonderful halal restaurant – La Toque, an authentic Japanese curry eatery. La Toque’s curries are not spicy like the southeast Asian countries. In fact, La Toque’s flavoursome curries are slightly sweet in taste and comes in different varieties. You can have egg curry, big chicken cutlet curry and curry and rice with beef steak. La Toque is also Halal Certified by Japan Halal Association.

Best Halal Restaurant in Narita International Airport – Tentei

Another gem of a halal restaurant available in Narita International Airport is Tentai. Halal Certified by Malaysia Halal Consultation & Training Agency, Tentei is known for its delicious and crispy tempura, cooked in a light batter and goes well with cold soba. The specialities include battered shrimp, seafood, vegetables, and soba noodles. Even the menus are printed in English, allowing easy orders for non-Japanese speaking tourists.

Best Halal Restaurant in Asakusa – Naritaya

Tokyo Halal Food

Naritaya is a Halal Certified restaurant by Japan Islamic Trust. Located in Asakusa, this ramen eatery is worth a visit for its delicious chicken-based noodles, freshly made at their own factory. There is a vending machine installed, where you can order your ramen. Another key speciality of Naritaya is their chilli paste, that simply enhances the taste of their ramen noodles.

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