Best Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

Best Arabic Restaurants in Dubai

Arabic Restaurant to dine during DSF
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Swarms of tourists flock to Dubai, and it goes without saying, they’re all expecting to stuff themselves with some really good, quality food while they’re holidaying in Dubai. Gastronomic delights being an essential factor during any foreign travel, following are the 10 best Arabic restaurants that will keep your tummy happy while you’re out and about in the city.

Al Dawaar

Perched on the 25th floor of the Hyatt Regency, dining at Al Dawaar, Dubai’s only rotating restaurant, is hands down one of the most ultimate ways to experience Dubai. The restaurant promises diners jaw-dropping panoramic views of Dubai’s shimmering skyline, along with an irresistible buffet topped with Arabic delicacies. The restaurant takes about 90 minutes to complete one rotation (in case you’re worried you might get dizzy!). No wonder it is one of Dubai’s top Middle Eastern restaurants.

Café Arabesque

Tucked away inside the Hyatt Park Hotel located along the Dubai Creek Yacht Club, Cafe Arabesque is where you need to head to satiate all your Arabic gourmet desires. Be it menu selection, great location and affordable prices, this restaurant serves the best food in Dubai. Presenting culinary treats from the Levantine region, the menu here is influenced by the flavours of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Nosh on regional delicacies as you soak in magnificent views of the Marina and the Creek from their open veranda.


If you’re looking for something slightly different than Arabic cuisine, head to Tagine for a truly authentic Moroccan fine dining experience. The restaurant’s décor however still has an Arabic feel to it, with its dim-lit ambience accentuated with vibrant Arabic lanterns, harem-style rugs, flickering candles and other mystical decorative items. Relish on some lip-smacking Moroccan dishes while you marvel at the décor and enjoy live Moroccan music. (P.S. Even the bathrooms are gorgeous!).  Arabic Restaurant-Awtar


Housed inside the Grand Hyatt hotel along the Dubai Creek, Awtar is where affluent expats head for a quintessential Arab night-out. Diners are welcomed with an opulent interior featuring an authentic tent-style ceiling and elegant furnishings. The live music bands and belly dancers are a bonus. The delectable hot and cold mezze along with a selection of grilled items and deserts take the experience a notch higher.

Al Iwan

Definitely one of Dubai’s finest culinary treats, dining at Al Iwan is an experience nothing short of pure amazement. While the food served here is simple, authentic and traditional, the décor will charm you with its bold, resplendent hues of red, gold and black. The sizzling combination of simple, sumptuous Arabic cuisine and a glitzy décor offered at Al Iwan might just be what you’re looking for. What’s more, it’s located inside Burj Al Arab!

Al Nafoorah

Serving some of the finest Lebanese food in Dubai, Al Nafoorah with its coveted location inside the swanky Jumeirah Emirates Towers and its impeccable décor, is the perfect spot to settle down for a quintessential Arabian feast. Dig into some fresh hot and cold mezze delicacies cooked, presented and served to perfection, while you marvel at views of Dubai’s ever-changing skyline.  Arabic Restaurant-Al mahara

Al Mahara

No, Al Mahara does not serve Arabic cuisine, but you still have to eat here anyway. After all, how often do you come across a restaurant that requires you to take a submarine ride to reach your table? Yes, located alongside a massive aquarium, this jaw-dropping restaurant is truly a class apart. Get mesmerised by the colourful marine life beside your table as you dig into some of the finest seafood served in all of Dubai.

Al Mallah

Take a break from all those ritzy, high-end restaurants and make a beeline towards Al Mallah on Al Diyafah Street, to sample the city’s tastiest shawarmas and falafel sandwiches. A bustling street food joint, Al Mallah is strictly all about high quality and low pretention. Grab one of the tables on the pavement and watch the world go by. Pair up your grub with one of their out-of-the-world fruit cocktails, and you’ll seriously feel as if your purpose in life has been defined!

Al Muntaha

There are good restaurants, and then there are great restaurants. Then, there is Al Muntaha, a restaurant perched at the top of Burj Al Arab – the tallest building in the world. Meaning ‘The Top’ in Arabic, Al Muntaha has other restaurants going green with envy with its desirable location, hovering 200 metres above the Arabian Gulf! The delicious menu keeps up with staggering vibe of the restaurant. However, all things comes with a price tag, so make sure your pockets are adequately loaded before you head here.  Arabic Restaurant-Al hadheerah

Al Hadheerah

A mystical oasis awaits you at Al Hadheerah, a surreal restaurant nestled amidst the entrancing desert dunes of Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa. Every nook and cranny of this eatery oozes with Arabian culture with the typical Arabian outdoor seating, dancers and live music, and of course, the mind-blowing Arabic cuisine.