Top 10 Architectural Marvels that will Stun Your Artistic Souls…

Top 10 Architectural Marvels that will Stun Your Artistic Souls…

Top architectural wonders
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Structures that appear alive, wriggling and dancing with each other or houses and galleries around the world made without any compulsion to fit in any given space. You'll wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you when you see these strange, quirky and spectacular architectural marvels around the world. One thing's for sure - the designers certainly thought out of the box when they came up with unique ideas for these structures. Here is the list of quirky architectures and these are some of the most bizarre yet fascinating buildings in the world.

Dancing Building (Prague)

Dancing Building in Prague, Czech Republic

Does it sound crazy to you – a house that dances? Unimaginable, Impossible, right? No, but it is true. An astonishing masterpiece of architecture, the building has its own romantic charm. There is something so emotional in the way the structures embrace one another for a dance move! You can actually see a couple dancing together, holding each other’s hand. The house symbolizing the famous lovers of the dance floor, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The building was designed by architect Vlado Milunic and was completed in 1996.

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum (Niagara Falls)

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum, Niagara Falls
Image Source: Wikipedia

If you are a lover of the bizarre and astonishing arts, then Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum in Niagara Fall, Canada; is sure to amaze you. This stunning exhibits and artefacts inside the museum is matched by the amazing shape of the museum.  A King Kong is hanging off the Lightning Rod on Top and also, a window washers rig could be seen hanging from the building. There is even a taxi which seems hanging just outside the front door. The other museums in Atlantic City and Branson City are also the architectural marvels in themselves.  A building torn into two halves by a giant earth sphere crashing on to it. This odd and unique structure is located on the world famous Atlantic City Boardway. Your fun journey into the world of the strange and odd continues with your glance at the quirky building of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum at Branson. This architecture looks like a building structure struck by a fiery earthquake. The brainchild behind the Ripleys’ museums was the person who himself had the passion to collect all oddities around the world, Mr. Robert Ripley.

Kansas City Public Library (Missouri, United States)

What could be more appropriate for a library design than making it look like a book on the shelf?  Be it a person who loves reading books or not, one can’t simply stop admiring this gorgeous structure of Kansas City Public Library. The whole idea behind this architecture was to influence people to utilize the downtown central library. Moreover the titles of the book bindings in the innovative design were picked by surveying the people of Kansas city for influential books. The parking garage appears to be a course of books lined up along a shelf except in this instance the "books" are 25 feet high and nine feet broad.

The Basket Building (Ohio, United States)

The Basket Building,Ohio, United States
Image Source: Wikipedia

Are you looking for a different way to promote your business? Why not shape your company like what you sell or offer? Isn’t it a nice idea? Yes, the founder Dave Longaberger’s dream headquarter was a replica of his favorite basket. This may look like a picnic basket kept in a park, but this is actually a 7-storey corporate headquarter of the Longaberger Basket Company. Longaberger is known for its handcrafted maple baskets, so its headquarters is obviously shaped like a giant basket. This is an accurate duplication of the normal shopping basket, where you can see the basket handles come together over the roof.

Dog Bark Park Inn (Idaho)

Dog Bark Park, Cottonwood, Idaho
Image Source: Wikipedia

What will be your reaction if anyone asks you to come and stay in a Giant Dog? Surprised! Yeah, that’s right, no need to rub your eyes in disbelief - this is a replica of a Dog. You will go barking mad over the Dog Bark Park Inn. It may look like a gift from one of your friend, but really it houses people who have paid to stay inside a dog. If you want to spend the night with a dog, then here’s your chance. This is the only place one can sleep with 26 dogs and still get a good night's rest. Nine meters high, the hotel was designed by the owner Dennis J Sullivan and his wife, with the dog-themed interiors of the 26 carved dogs and also the dog-shaped cookies, pillows that create a comfortable atmosphere.

The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

The Crooked House Sopot, Poland
Image Source: Wikipedia

You must be thinking that this weird, Funhouse-like structures actually exist in this world? The word ‘weird’ doesn’t quite cut it when describing this extremely odd building, which barely looks habitable with its sloping surfaces.It appears like a painting drawn by a drunk painter. It's fuzzy structure, but surely an eye-catcher. The Crooked House designed by the Polish architect Szotynscy Zaleski, who was motivated by the fairytale illustration from the children’s drawing books. Don’t be so shocked after knowing this fact. The entrances are carved with stone elevation decors, windows framed with sandstones and colourful stained glass, and a roof of blue-green enameled shingles designed to give a dragon like impression. Moreover, you’ll be awestruck when this house lights in the night.

The Tianzi Hotel (China)

You might be wondering why you are seeing a picture of 3 Chinese gods, Fu, Lu and Shou. A look at the building and you’ll be forced to think what the figure actually depicts. We always find amazing architecture, sometimes truly spectacular, sometimes simply beautiful, sometimes intriguing, but this building from the lands of China doesn’t fall into any of these categories.This colourful building of the 3 gods is actually a 10-storey hotel, symbolizing good fortune, prosperity and longevity. The white-bearded structure of god Shou who flaunts a jolly face, aptly welcomes guests through a door in his right foot. This building also holds the Guinness World Record for being the “biggest image building” in the world.

The Cubic Houses (Rotterdam)

The Cubic Houses,Rotterdam
Image Source: Wikipedia

Good architecture can easily be found around the world, finding weird architecture that’s the challenge. The cubes sit tilted on a hexagonal pole and a lot of square blocks placed on the base building to make a cap. Looking at the houses, one can easily say that even diagonal structures can be inhabited. The Cubic Houses are a curious and a magnificent architectural wonder located in Rotterdam, Netherlands and built by architect Piet Bloom in the 1970s.

Marilyn Monroe Tower (Mississauga)

We all plan to build our own house one day, but what do you think of living in such weird, quirky houses? The design in these weird architectures is simply unique and mind blowing. Whether its a trek in the forest areas, a night beneath the stars, or a glad day at the shoreline, natural inspiration are crawling more into residential architecture. The towers named "The Marilyn Monroe Tower" Mississauga renowned for their sexy, curved figures--just like the late legendary Hollywood actress, Marilyn Monroe. The twisted tower has something in common like many other beautiful women: it is complicated. A residential building boasts of 56 towers - none of which is directly above the one below it, designed by MAD architects.

Piano House (China)

I think you have seen it all - homes that look like dancing couple, drunken house and even a picnic basket –did you hear about ‘The most romantic building in China’. We just stumbled upon one of the most bizarre, yet elegant dwellings yet - A giant glittering grand piano and a violin shaped house. Again, you will think, is this a house of Taylor Swift? No! You are wrong. This Piano House is actually a Building especially made for music lovers in China and located in the Huainan city. The violin, made completely out of glass, appears at the entry to the house which is linked to the elevated piano to the ground. The piano instrument of the house stands on three firm legs and features a roof terrace beneath a canopy shaped like the piano’s open top.