Top 10 Cities for Staycations In 2017!

Top 10 Cities for Staycations In 2017!

Top cities to visit in 2017
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2017 is set to be the year of Staycations (or, simply quick getaway in travel parlance)

A trending travel concept of combining a vacation in a city for a few days and exploring its cultural delights. The idea is simple: instead of travelling around the entire country, trying to accommodate as many sights and multiple places during your vacations; focus on one city at a time, preferably around your city of living.

Staycations have introduced the concept of going slow while enjoying your vacation with plenty of leisure and relaxations. Thanks to staycations, 2017 promises to be an exciting year for travel that has shifted focus on global cities with amazing attractions and cultural delights to experience.

Check out the Top 10 cities to visit in 2017 for staycations!

Lisbon, Portugal

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Lisbon

This beautiful city has a poetic look and feel with sun washed gothic architecture, narrow cobbled alleys, a historic waterfront, colourful neighbourhoods and rich array of diverse cuisines, wine and soulful music. Evenings add a new dimension to Lisbon, as its quaint alleys and streets are transformed into a vibrant nightlife and food scene, one of the best in Europe. Cheap flights to Lisbon and affordable hotels make Lisbon one of the top 10 cities to visit in 2017. 

Hong Kong, China

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a delightful gem that has successfully preserved its unique history, culture, environment and its delightful Cantonese cuisine. The city is also famed for its New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year celebrations. It is also home to interesting attractions like Victoria Peak, renowned for its iconic views and world class theme parks like Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ocean Park. Hong Kong is a perfect family friendly destination to visit in 2017.  

Cape Town, South Africa

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Cape Town

Cape Town is a vibrant, energetic and cosmopolitan South African city that packs a punch with scenic coastal drives, iconic landmarks, cultural museums and art galleries, a renowned fine dining scene and adventure sports. Cape Town is a truly romantic city boasting of an excellent climate, a thriving nightlife scene and plenty of shopping avenues. Staycations in Cape Town will provide utmost comfort, fun and plenty of opportunities for wildlife safaris across the national parks of South Africa.

Seoul, South Korea

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Seoul

Seoul is glitzy and glamorous yet it has a soul that reflects the rich history, culture and the dramatic transformation of South Korea into an economic powerhouse. This 24-hour city boasts of iconic skyscrapers, historic palaces and temples, beautiful national parks and contemporary urban spaces. Seoul is also a heaven for passionate foodies and shopaholics. Seoul has a sensational nightlife scene that rivals the very best of the world with its night markets, online gaming and all-night parties.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Reykjavik

The northernmost capital of the world, Reykjavik is smaller in size compared to London and Paris, but it has an enigmatic spirit and a creative energy. This colourful city has one of the trendiest nightlife, music and gastronomy scene in Europe. It has some of the best museums and art galleries that documents the rich Nordic history and folklores and offers a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime adventures like chasing the Northern Lights or ghost waterfalls. Reykjavik is the shining light of the northern hemisphere and is among the best cities to visit in 2017.

Mexico City, Mexico

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Mexico City

Mexico City is back in focus this year. This historic city is experiencing a cultural renaissance. Gentrification of the city is in full swing; the culinary scene is exploding while art and culture scene is flourishing. One of the safest Mexican cities, Mexico City is all about the sunshine, history and architecture and delightful festivals like Day of the Dead among others. Don’t forget to delve deeper into Mexican cuisine and explore the city’s delights that include rich museums, historic sights and contemporary architecture. Mexico City is among the top cities to visit in 2017.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Dubai

Dubai is the leading city in the Middle East that has redefined the art of luxury, hospitality and refined the art of entertainment, cuisine and other attractions. The city of superlatives offers a mixed bag of delicious food, delightful shopping and plenty of family time in its plush shopping malls, hotels and attractions like Dubai Underwater World, Ski World Dubai, Dubai Miracle Gardens, etc. Travellers can also enjoy authentic Emirati experiences like camping in the desert, sailing in Dubai Creek, etc. Dubai is certainly among the top cities to visit in 2017.

Penang, Malaysia

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Penang

Penang is the ultimate destination for foodies in 2017. This Malaysian city has carved a reputation for serving delectable street food and cuisines that represent the very best of South East and East Asia. George Town, a historic town, has effectively preserved old colonial heritages and its night markets. Bustling with vibrant energy and aromas of different spices and delicious food, the city is one of the major cities in Malaysia. Foodies will revel in Penang’s street food scene and can enjoy the very best of Malay, Thai, Chinese, Cantonese, Indian and Indonesian cuisines.

Melbourne, Australia

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Melbourne

Melbourne is back with a bang with the hottest tennis grand slam of the year – Australian Open 2017. The sporting capital of Australia is enjoying a cultural and culinary revolution and has certainly escaped the shadows of its popular compatriot, Sydney. Melbourne is a classy, arty and a dynamic city with cosmopolitan culture and a rich collection of restaurants, chic cafes and world class sporting infrastructures. Melbourne is also the hub to explore the famous wine producing regions of Victoria and iconic landscapes like the Great Ocean Road.

Vancouver, Canada

Top cities to visit in 2017 - Vancouver

Vancouver has surpassed French-styled Montreal city and the more cosmopolitan Toronto; and emerged as the top Canadian city with a rich culture, culinary scene, attractive attractions and an unrivalled scenic beauty. This is a city that has infused natural landscapes, innovative ideas, trendy nightlife and shopping and North America’s most refined Asian dining scene with top notch Japanese, Chinese and Indian restaurants dominating the scene. The city has some amazing attractions like Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Granville Island, etc. A delightful city to round up the list of top 10 cities to visit in 2017.