Top 10 Best Cities To Visit In Europe In The Summer Of...

Top 10 Best Cities To Visit In Europe In The Summer Of 2017!

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Most beautiful places in Europe 

The beautiful European continent will be at its best in few months. The splendid summers will melt the frosty snows, leaving the hills, countryside and rivers flush with colours of green, yellow and blue. Several cultural festivals featuring music, food, wine and cultural performances will liven up the continent. The usual touristy destinations like London, Paris, Rome, etc. will once again be crowded with tourists and locals. Summers are the best time to visit Europe and revel in its spectacular landscape, charming culture and amazing attractions. 

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Zadar, Croatia

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Zadar lies on the coast of Adriatic Sea and just like the glamorous Croatian counterparts of Dubrovnik and Zagreb, has all the elements to appeal tourists. Zadar is less crowded and offers the authentic experience of Adriatic as well as Dalmatian region. The city has a rich maritime history, well-preserved heritage houses of typical red-tiled roofs and historic ramparts of its forts. Delicious sea foods, Dalmatian wines, and idyllic landscape comprising of endless stretch of turquoise sea and white sand beaches are enough lure to visit Zadar is the summer of 2016.

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Bergen, Norway

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Bergen is surely a strong contender to win the contest of most colourful cities in the world. The European City of Culture (2000) and UNESCO World Heritage status makes this old city a vibrant place filled with youthful zeal. Bergen is renowned for its colourful houses, stylish waterfront and stunning landscapes. It is also the gateway to the famed Norwegian fjords and the starting point of several wonderful cruises. 

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Sorrento, Italy

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Sorrento is located along the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy. The coastal town is renowned for its stunning cliffside colourful buildings, access to beautiful blue sea and secluded beaches. The landscape of Sorrento includes hills, deep valleys, clifftop communities and typical elements of Italian towns. Scent of orange, olive and lemon greets you all the time with fresh whiff of sea air while quaint cafes and restaurant serves delightful Italian coffee and fares.

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Innsbruck, Austria

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Innsbruck lies on the bank of River Inn and is surrounded by snow clad mountains of Alps. The city promotes itself as a picturesque, classy and eco-friendly destination. The city center is a delight for photographers and is lined with charming cafes, restaurants and museums. Innsbruck has several imperial heritage buildings, beautiful lakes and plenty of hiking trails in the mountains, making it one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Innsbruck is also a highly popular winter sports destination and has hosted the Winter Olympics on two occasion (1964 and 1976) along with Winter Paralympics (1984 and 1988). 

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Colmar, France

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Colmar is a charming town that lies close to the Germany and Switzerland border. Known as “the Little Venice”, Colmar has picturesque canals lined up with quaint cafes, restaurants and well maintained shrubs of flowers of different shades. Colmar is unique, its typical French and has the elements of Swiss and German culture. Colmar is also popular for being the capital of Alsace Wines and the birthplace of the noted sculptor Bartholdi, the creator of the iconic Statue of Liberty of New York.

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Dresden, Germany

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Dresden located in Germany is a city associated with technology, higher education and innovation. The capital of Free State of Saxony, Dresden is also known as ‘Florence on the Elbe’. The city has a rich collection of heritage building and cultural treasures comprising of art and architecture. Look out for the Dresden Frauenkirche, The Zwinger and The Semperoper, three amazing jewels of Dresden

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Gijon, Spain

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Gijon is situated in the north of Spain and is often overlooked by the tourists flocking to Spain’s more popular destinations. Gijon has the same Spanish flavour and glamour. Try the delicious local seafood, fresh farm produces and check out its cultural heritages like Campo Valdés Roman Baths, Revillagigedo Palace and the stunning San Lorenzo Beach. Plan your Spain Holiday now!

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Tbilisi, Georgia

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, is nestled in a valley on the bank of Mtkvari River and is surrounded by hills of Caucasian Mountains. The old town is filled with medieval era architecture, quaint cafes, traditional restaurants and shops selling regional handicrafts. The city is slowly emerging as the hottest European destination for backpackers and hikers. Try the delicious Georgian cuisine and the amazing wines and do explore the beautiful Caucasus region. Check our Georgia flight offers!

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Nicosia, Cyprus

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus, an all-round the year Mediterranean destination of Europe. Red tiled roofs surrounded by green verdant valleys under a deep blue sky makes it highly photogenic. The capital city is blessed with wonderful cultural treasures comprising of ancient ruins, medieval churches and mosques. Quaint cafes, al-fresco dining, museums, stylish waterfront and wonderful nightclubs add all the necessary elements to make it one of the must visit cities in Europe.

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Oxford, United Kingdom

Top 10 European Destinations to Visit in 2016

Oxford is a town renowned for its university which is one of the oldest centres of academics in the world. However, Oxford is full of period architecture, beautiful English country side and quaint villages. The town is known for its high-end shopping in the High Street and several iconic locations like the Christ Church Collage featured in Harry Potter movies. It still has the look and feel of old world Britain and reminds of the once glorious days of British authority over the world.

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