Top 10 Family-friendly Events during the Dubai Shopping Festival

Top 10 Family-friendly Events during the Dubai Shopping Festival

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So it’s that time of the year, and once again, all eyes are on Dubai as the city gears up for the iconic Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF). A powerhouse throbbing with unlimited shopping opportunities, entertainment and fun, the DSF is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The festival has plenty in store for every visitor and is ideal to visit with your family and friends. Listed below are 10 reasons why the DSF is bound to be a raging hit with your family members.

DSF 2018 Fireworks Night

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18

The 23rd edition of Dubai Shopping Festival will see spectacular fireworks at Dubai’s iconic spots – The Beach, La Mer and Al Seef. Books a table and don’t forget to bring your camera for capturing the stunning fireworks shows.

Plenty of entertainment for Children!

As always, this year the DSF brings along plenty of entertainment for children. To state a few, this time around, the Dubai Dolphinarium will organize a show exclusively for kids during the DSF. There will be a host of other engaging events for kids such as Children of World Olympiad, Cartoon and Circus shows, and more. They’ll also get a chance to say hello to their favourite cartoon characters such as Pokemon, Casper and Tarzan! To add to the frenzy, there are exciting events that adults can enjoy too along with their little ones, such as mini fun fairs, Dubai Creek Tours, fun zones such as World of Ice, Flower Garden, and Spiderman Zone, remote-control boats, park taxis, helicopter tours, acrobatic shows, and so on.

Damas Jewellery at DSF

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18

Middle East’s reputed jewellery retailer is going to showcase top international jewellery collection and limited edition collections, some of which have never been seen before! There will be displays and works of talented local artists and photographers. You can also design and engrave your own jewellery, get exciting offers and free gifts on your purchases and have a chance to meet popular superstars like Nancy Ajram and Salman Khan.

Global Village 2017 – 18

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18

Global Village is back and this time it features models of iconic city landmarks like the Big Ben of London, Leaning Tower of Pisa etc and fused it with 30 pavilions comprising different countries and cultures of the world. There are live entertainment and cultural shows, colourful parades, music concerts and dance shows, plenty of delicious gastronomic fares and fireworks displays.

Carpet and Art Oasis

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18

Learn in detail about rare and precious carpets and rugs of central Asia at this event based at Dubai World Trade Centre. Admire the works and artistry of carpet weavers from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, Afghanistan and Kashmir. This is the best place to buy a genuine hand-woven carpet for your home. hand-weaved carpets has always been a key cultural symbol of the Central Asia and this one-of-a-kind event within the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18 is a perfect platform to understand the complex art of hand weaving and carpet making.

Market OTB

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18

The open-air market based on out of the box concepts and featuring a mix of independent local brands and global labels, promises to offer exciting curious, souvenirs, collectables and fresh fashion and accessories. Food trucks and stalls are available to satiate your taste buds.

Cirque Du Soleil’s TORUK

The world famous Canadian entertainment company – Cirque Du Soleil is going to make their Middle East debut with an exciting show called TORUK – The First Flight. Based on James Cameroon’s blockbuster film – Avatar, the show promises to take its guests on a unique journey to a different world of Pandora. The show features stunning lightings, costumes, original sound score, breathtaking acrobatics and a gripping story. Don’t miss it at any cost. This event is one of the most promising entertainment events of the Dubai Shopping Festival 2017-18.

Live music concerts

Dubai Shopping Festival is hosting three awesome concerts this year featuring talented artists from the Middle East region. Catch the noted Egyptian pop and rock musician and songwriter, Amr Diab, live at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre on the 29th of December. Legendary Lebanese singer and musician Majida El Roumi is gracing Dubai on the 26th of January at Media City. Egyptian singer and movie star Mohamed Mounir is once again performing in Dubai after a gap of four years. The legendary singer known as ‘The King’ to his loyal fans, is coming to the city on the 19th January 2018 at Dubai Media City Amphitheatre.

The DSF Carnival

Brace yourself as the streets of Dubai come alive with parades of performers showcasing their extraordinary talent, offering unlimited entertainment. Usually held during every weekend of the DSF month, these carnivals are host to some striking performances by a motley crew of dancers, acrobats, musicians, jugglers, cyclists, stilt-walkers, and percussionists, among others. Complete with floats, fireworks, music and over 300 performers, the DSF carnival is indeed a sight you wouldn’t want to miss.

Dubai Global Village

 Experience the bustling Night Souks

You haven’t really experienced the authentic shopping culture of Dubai until you shop at the bustling night souks of the city. Give the high-end malls a breather as you make a beeline towards one these pulsating night-souks. An essential part of Dubai’s shopping culture, these souks offer a diverse range of products and cuisines from different cultures. Be it handicrafts, shawls, scarves, leather products, or even clothing, and it is the place where you’re bound to lay your hands on some epic bargains. Oh and yes, there’s also plenty of entertainment here, so if you have family or kids along, be assured they won’t get bored!