Top 10 Happiest Countries on the Planet

Top 10 Happiest Countries on the Planet

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10. Australia

Australia With so many spectacular sun-kissed beaches and amazing weather, no wonder Australians are happy people. Besides, Australia’s economy has been on a constant rise owing to growing demand for its natural resources. Efficient health care, low crime rates, education, and a clean environment are a few more reasons the Aussies are so content with their motherland.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand A great standard of living, less population, access to jobs and resources, personal freedom, high level of tolerance for immigrants, financial wellbeing, and a positive lifestyle keeps the Kiwis super-happy. Moreover, when a country is packed with everything from exotic beaches to fjords, to snow-clad peaks, picturesque towns, rolling green hills, and a lush countryside, what can one complain about?

8. Sweden

Sweden Sweden boasts of social equality, environmental protection, political participation, civil liberties, and high economic development, ensuring its citizens are amongst the happiest people in the world. Furthermore, the country’s perfect blend of natural beauty, style, and sophistication, also helps to quite an extent.

7. Netherlands

Netherlands The Dutch are known for their relaxed work culture. Interestingly, over 50% of the Dutch population works part-time, resulting in happier people. Apart from that, there are always things like low corruption rates, social support, higher life expectancy, blooming tulips, bicycles, and the sizzling nightlife, which keep the Dutch happy-high.

6. Finland

Finland The Finns are not very religious – only about 13% of the people attend church and look how happy they are! High quality of life, negligible income gap, high life expectancy rates, a fine-tuned work-life balance, high education rates, and low levels of corruption are a few other factors Finland encapsulates, in order to keep its people happy.

5. Canada

Canada Even the harsh winters fail to distort the happiness levels of Canadians. Besides its breath-taking natural beauty, Canada offers its citizens personal freedom, tolerance, healthy life expectancy, great quality of life, social support, and low levels of corruption, thereby making sure they remain happy.

4. Norway

Norway If being one of the most beautiful and scenic country on the planet was not reason enough for its citizens to be happy, Norway boasts of high education levels, welfare state, freedom of expression, a booming economy, and incredible health services. Seriously, we all need to migrate to Norway. Now.

3. Denmark

Denmakr Like their other Nordic neighbours, even the Danes are considered amongst the world’s happiest. The normal work-week in Denmark is 37 hours, ensuring people have plenty of leisure time, which is an important part of Danish culture. What’s more, added elements like social security, gender equality, and efficient healthcare system, make sure happiness never leaves the Danes.

2. Iceland

Iceland-min Iceland has the sixth highest GDP in the world. It is the only country in NATO with no armed forces. The natural environment here is crystal-pure. All households have hot water delivered straight from the earth’s volcanic bowels. Wherever you go, there is always a hot spring spa or geothermal pool waiting for you take a dip. The country stresses on equality, clean water, democracy, renewable energy, women’s rights, and peace. Still wondering why people in Iceland are the happiest? Go figure.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland Where there is direct access to Swiss chocolates, Swiss cheese, and the soaring Swiss Alps, a nation is bound to be inundated with happiness. Throw in things like paid vacations, universal healthcare coverage, a metropolitan culture, Roger Federer, stunning ski resorts, epic scenery, efficient democracy, scenic train routes, and a big PLUS sign on the country’s flag, and the nation’s supply of happiness becomes unlimited.