Top 10 Luxury Flights in The MENA Region

Top 10 Luxury Flights in The MENA Region

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The dynamic region of the Middle East is steadily emerging as a strong aviation market. Fuelled by tourism boom and a greater demand for outbound travel, the aviation industry of the Middle East is continuously thriving to attain higher standards in the market. Driven by a public-private investment module, airlines of the Middle East are continuously getting voted amongst the top airlines in the world. Few airlines of the region like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways are among the top international airlines in the world. Impeccable service, delightful cuisine, plush seats, state-of-the-art entertainment systems and ultra-luxurious facilities like personal suites, chef and private pick and drop services with limousines are some of the biggest USPs of the Middle East’s aviation industry. Check out the most luxury flights and airlines in the Middle East region. 

Emirates Airlines

Top 10 Airlines in Middle East - Emirates Airlines
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The largest airline of the Middle East, Emirates Airlines is based in Dubai and is wholly owned by the government of Dubai. The world’s fourth largest airline, Emirate flies to 136 destinations worldwide with a fleet of 237 aircrafts. World-class services include private chauffeur driven pick and drop services to the airport, exclusive check-in services, and lounge access, while in-flight services include gourmet cuisine, latest entertainment system, plush comfortable seats and well-designed business and first-class space.

Qatar Airways

Top 10 Flights in Middle East - Qatar Airways
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Qatar Airways, the official flag carrier airline of Qatar, is one of the top airlines in the world. The airline lives up to its motto of “World’s 5-star airline”. Qatar Airways has a reputation for providing world-class services and facilities like flat beds, plenty of personal space, latest entertainment system and gourmet cuisine in its business class. Qatar Airways flies to 146 destinations and is certainly one of the leading airlines of the region.

Etihad Airways

Top-10 Flights in Middle East - Etihad Airways
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The official airline of United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the country after the Dubai-based Emirates Airlines. Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways was established by a royal decree in 2003 and is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world with a fleet of 117 aircrafts and serves 120 destinations. Etihad Airways is renowned for offering lavish services to its guests. The services include delightful culinary cuisine, flat beds, latest entertainment, and dedicated lounge services.

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Oman Air

Top-10 Flights in Middle East - Oman Air
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Oman Air is the official airline of Oman that has a fleet of 39 aircraft and flies to 46 destinations. The official motto of the airlines is “Modern Vision. Timeless Traditions”. The airline has embarked upon a strategy of offering high-luxury services like mini suites in its first class cabins, delectable gastronomic cuisines, exclusive lounges, chauffeur drive services, personal toiletries and entertainment systems.

Gulf Air

Top-10 Flights in Middle East - Gulf Air
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Gulf Air is the official airline of Bahrain and is one of the oldest airlines in the region. The airline can trace its roots back to 1940. The airline was once funded by Qatar, Oman and UAE along with Bahrain. Today, Gulf Air flies to 43 destinations with a fleet of 28 aircrafts. Services include exclusive lounge, sky chef, sky nanny, in-flight entertainment system, flat beds, the special Falcon Gold Lounge, and special meals catering to the passenger’s requirement.

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Saudi Arabian Airlines

Top-10 Flights in Middle East - Saudia
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Saudi Arabian Airlines, now rebranded as Saudia, is the official airline of Saudi Arabia and is the third largest airline in the Middle East. Saudia is one of the oldest airlines of the region and is known for offering dedicated services to the citizens of Saudi Arabia. Saudia currently flies to 126 destinations and has a fleet size of 146 aircrafts. The services of Saudia include wonderful cuisine, recliner seats, sleeping suits, entertainment system, magazines, Wi-Fi, flight phone, and more.

Royal Jordanian

Top-10 Flights in Middle East - Royal Jordanian
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Royal Jordanian is the official airline of Jordan that was established in 1963, and currently, caters to 60 destinations with its fleet of 36 aircrafts. The airline is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance and its official tagline says “A World of Stories”. The Royal Jordanian offers dedicated Crown check-in services, Crown lounge, Crown dinner, flat beds, in-flight entertainment systems and delicious cuisine.


Top-10 Flights in Middle East - flyDubai
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One of the newer airlines in the Middle East, flyDubai started operation in 2008 and has an amazing growth rate and story. A government-owned, low-cost airline, flyDubai has a fleet size of 51 aircrafts and caters to 95 destinations across the planet. The airline offers passengers the latest in-flight entertainment system, duty-free shopping, onboard Wi-Fi, and wholesome, tasty meals.

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Middle East Airlines

Top-10 Flights In Middle East - Middle East Airlines
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The Middle East Airlines is the national flag-carrier airline of Lebanon and has a history that goes back to 1945. The airline further merged with Air Liban and adopted the current name of Middle East Airlines. Today, the Middle East Airlines has a fleet of 21 aircrafts and caters to 31 destinations worldwide. In-flight services include an entertainment system offering latest Hollywood movies, games and music.

Air Arabia

Top-10 Flights in Middle East - Air Arabia
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Air Arabia is a low-cost airline that serves close to 115 destinations across the planet. The airline has a fleet size of 44 new Airbus A30 aircrafts and has three main focus hubs that include Sharjah International Airport in Sharjah, UAE, Mohamed V International Airport in Casablanca, Morocco and Borg Al Arab International Airport in Alexandria, Egypt. Flight services include a wide array of meals, in-flight entertainment systems, in-flight magazines, dedicated check-in services, and more.