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“Malaysia is a country unlike any other: Full of promise and fragility. Its history, cultural and religious diversity make it a rich, compelling and surprising land.” --- Tariq Ramadan

You, by now, possibly would have heard every adjective said or written in the praise of the beautiful country, Malaysia. On the wish-list of every traveller, Malaysia never ceases to surprise its visitors. I have complied a list of ‘must dos’ in Malaysia without which, your ‘Great Malaysian Escape’ would remain incomplete!

Genting Highlands, Kuala Lumpur

Ah! The theme park!! Noise, adventure, wild rides and crowds of all kinds! That’s it? Wrong! Dubbing Genting Highlands as an “adventure freaks’ heaven” is selling this marvellous resort short! From the holy ‘Chin Swee Cave Temple’ to a ‘Genting Strawberry leisure farm’ to an exciting ‘Sky Venture,’ there are so many things a peace-loving adventurer can indulge in.

butterfly park tour, Kuala Lumpur

Butterfly Park Tour, Kuala Lumpur

Who wouldn’t love to reminisce the childhood days? The ones that we spent chasing butterflies in our backyard, or trying to fly like one! Wander through the lush green park of Kuala Lumpur as you admire about 6000 butterflies of over 120 species. An ideal place for photography enthusiasts, this tour would also keep the little ones entertained.

Pulau Payar Marine Park, Langkawi

Bid adieu to all your worldly problems as you go swimming with pretty coloured fishes, let the excitement soar as go on a wild ride on a jet ski, feel utterly miniscule as you stare into a large, endless ocean with a diverse mix of shades of blue! Yes, the Pulau Payar Marine Park would do this to you and more! Expect this place to teleport you to a mesmerizing place which is serene yet thrilling nonetheless.

Dining in the dark, Kuala Lumpur

Dining in the dark, Kuala Lumpur

Do I even need to mention the food trails of Malaysia? I mean, we all know what a food-paradise this place is; but, how about letting your senses tantalise your taste buds while you stare into stark darkness. Sounds, exciting? It sure is! This restaurant is one of its kind experience which shouldn’t be missed.

Khoo Kongsi, Penang

Khoo Kongsi, Penang

Believers would come here for religious reasons and non-believers to feast on its ornamental architecture, which makes it ‘all of us’! The grandest clan temple of the country is a hidden gem, which surrounded by tall buildings and generally dismissed by many. Whether it is cultural show or a New Year celebration, the grandeur of this place has to be seen to be believed.

Langkawi Cable Car attraction, Malaysia

Cable car ride and oriental village tour, Langkawi

Bored of hiking? Hop onto a cable car and ascend to the peak of Mount Mat Chinchang and witness the gorgeous view. It would be interesting to know that this car suspension is longest between the two stations and it was built without constructing any roads through the jungle. Go click crazy or simply soak in the serenity of the environment before you move on to the oriental village for a shopping spree.

Cat Museum, Kuching

When you think you have seen it all, you come across this! Yes! A full-fledged museum dedicated to the cats! Any curious soul that wanders into this amusing museum would get to know everything they need to know about these flurry animals. Be it a traditional meow or the contemporary kitty, you will find useful information about all of them. Find yourself amidst the sculptures of various cats and click pictures for memories.

things to do in malyasia 2

Niah National Park, Miri

Want to mix adventure with serenity? A hike in the Niah National Park would serve the purpose. Adorned with gorgeous greenery, this place is ideal for a hike. Adventure lovers should not miss out on visiting the mysterious Niah caves, which offers a marvellous view. A hike to this marvel is worth the effort, but again it is not for the fainted hearted.

things to do in malyasia

Sepang International Circuit, Sepang

Adrenaline junkies and the motorsport lovers should not miss out on the chance to visit the motorsport race track, Sepang International Circuit; the venue for the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix, A1 Grand Prix among other such events.

Crystal Mosque of Terengganu, Malaysia

Crystal Mosque, Terengganu

Located amidst Islamic Heritage Park, the Crystal Mosque or Masjid Kristal, is a magnificent structure made up of crystal, glass and steel. Perched on an artificial lake, this mosque oozes with modern architecture. And, when you are done paying homage, simply embark on a river cruise or visit the iconic Islamic Civilisation Park which has various activities to offer to its visitors.