Top 10 Most-Visited Tourist Destinations

Top 10 Most-Visited Tourist Destinations

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For years, tourists have thronged to these destinations in droves and have revelled here like never before! These cities are the most-visited tourist destinations of the world and despite competition from new kids (cities) on the block, their charm has remained unhindered. Check out the top 10 most visited tourist destinations.

Paris-Most-Visited Tourist Destination

Paris – The City of Love

The city of romance has a timeless beauty which continues to draw visitors from every nook and corner of the world. The capital city of France is one of the premier cultural and socio-economical cities with a rich history and heritage. Paris has influenced the world with its idea of romance, liberty, fraternity and justice. It’s icons including the timeless Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées are icons around the world. The Louvre Museum, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Georges Pompidou boast of the richest collections while the renowned cabarets of Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris draws visitors with its world-class entertainment. The beautiful Seine River and its banks offer a different experience far from the tourist hubs of the city. However, Paris is not just about admiring the tourist attractions, it’s also about the rich French cuisine, renowned fashion boutiques and one of the richest cultures of Europe which mesmerize the travellers.

London -


London – The World in A City

The capital of United Kingdom can be referred to as the synonym for power, domination, authority and glorious history of an empire that once claimed – “Sun never sets in the British Empire”. London has been the pioneer of discovery of new world, documenting the rich and diverse culture of our planet and creating one of the most successful empires of all time. Today, the glorious British Empire has lost its dominating position of the past but the rich collection of historical and cultural heritages coupled with economic and cultural might of London, draws millions of visitors to revel in the grandeur of this English city. Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral continue to tell the story of its glorious past while attractions like the London Eye, Millennium Bridge has added a contemporary charm. Typical British culture coupled with a cosmopolitan outlook and rich traditions make it one of the most visited cities in the world.

New York-Most-Visited Tourist Destination

New York – The Global City

America’s most popular city has become a major centre for arts, culture, economics, fashion and a part of the contemporary history. The stunning statue of Liberty, the dazzling Times Square, beautiful Central Park and a stunning urbanscape dotted with stunning examples of modern engineering tell the tale of the fascinating city of New York. The city also witnessed the most dramatic event in the contemporary history which has set a dynamic transformation of our world. If London, Paris symbolise the glorious bygone era, New York symbolises the might of the present era.

Singapore-Most-Visited Tourist Destination

Singapore – The Lion City

The island nation in the South-East Asia has seen a dramatic transformation from being a small fishing village to a modern-day economic powerhouse and centre of arts and culture in the region. Singapore, despite being a small island, has surprisingly plenty of attractions; most of which are artificial. However, the intricate amalgamation of Indian, Malay, Chinese and Indonesian communities with a rich British colonial heritage attracts plenty of tourists to its shores. There are plenty of things to do in Singapore depending upon your choice. Savour the world class fusion cuisine, hospitality and shop for the latest gadgets and fashion brands; Singapore never cease to amaze a visitor.

dubai-Most-Visited Tourist Destination

Dubai – The Land of Opulence

From a small, sleepy fishing community to a major trade centre of the Islamic world to an ultra-modern and progressive city filled with stunning levels of modern day opulence; Dubai has certainly evolved as one of the top most visited cities in the world. There is nothing mediocre in Dubai; it has to be the largest, biggest, tallest, and greatest in the world. The inspiring sights of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, first unofficial 7-star hotel of Burj Al Arab, the largest indoor winter skiing arena, giant aquarium, stunning gold mosques, and theme based, swanky shopping malls and world-class hospitality make it a dream destination for the travellers. A world famous shopping festival which has elevated the art of shopping to a new level, excellent dining, entertainment centres and progressive attitude has added another elements to this glitzy city.


Madrid – The Spanish Delight

The Spanish capital city has the reputation of drawing the largest tourist flow each year. If Barcelona is the artistic centre of the Catalan region, Madrid symbolises the very best of Spain and its evolving culture. The glamorous city still debates the integration of Spain, propagation of Spanish culture, economic resurgence and preservation of the rich cultural heritages as part of its daily routine. Madridistas still halt the city during the iconic La Liga derby at the famous Santiago Bernabeu stadium; Flamenco, Tango and Matadors are still celebrated; and the historical heritages are still intact despite a brutal Spanish Civil War. Madrid is certainly the most celebrated city of Spain and lures tourists with its eclectic charm.

Amsterdam-Most-Visited Tourist Destination

Amsterdam – The Venice of the North

The capital of Netherlands is renowned for its charm which has a mixture of hedonistic pleasure, beauty, heritage and modern day innovation. Amsterdam is renowned for its beautiful canals, tulip farms, windmills, art galleries, museums, historic buildings and monuments which are filled with rich Dutch traditions. The surrounding cities of Eindhoven, Utrecht, The Hague adds more list of activities and attractions to enjoy along with delicious gastronomic fares and shopping makes it a traveller’s paradise.


Rome – The Eternal City

The capital city of Italy vies for traveller’s footfalls with its rival Milan, but the sheer history and the presence of the world’s smallest sovereign country – Vatican City, tips the scale in favour of Rome. The city has a rich history which dates back to the glorious Roman Empire.  Rome has lived and watched the history of Europe throughout the ages including the dark era of Europe, Feudalism, Christian resurgence and the most rewarding movement of the mankind – Renaissance. Rome’s alleys have been the playground of renowned painters, writers and musicians who left their signatures in the beautiful plazas, fountains, public squares, churches and museums. The Vatican City, the most important pilgrimage centre of Christianity, has been the focal point of billions of travellers throughout the ages. World famous Italian cuisine, friendly locals and contemporary attractions are continuously increasing the repository of Rome, making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations.

Istanbul-Most-Visited Tourist Destination

Istanbul – The Door to Happiness

Located in a dynamic crossroad of Europe and Asia; Istanbul is a city which will challenge your sensory perception. The city has served as the glorious capital of the Turkish Empire, which drew wealth and fame from all over the world. Today, the modern country of Turkey is what remained of the once bygone era but it’s enough to provide a glimpse into the glorious past of the city. Istanbul’s cherished attractions include the famous Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia basilica, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar and Dolmabahçe Palace; which draws visitors in large numbers. A cruise of the Bosphorus Strait is a timeless affair while the Turkish cuisine and hospitality adds to the glamour of Istanbul.

 Bangkok -Most-Visited Tourist Destination

Bangkok – The Venice of the East

Thailand’s capital is an exotic land filled with charming Buddhist temples, historic monuments and old markets which jostles with crammed nightclubs, bars and shopping malls. The streets are packed yet the locals move with a flair. In the middle of these jostle between modernity and tradition, Bangkok welcomes visitors with open arms, providing them terrific hospitality, world-class Thai cuisine and plenty of shopping avenues alongwith sightseeing activities. Bangkok may seem a cacophony of sensory extremes but beneath the surface, lies a truly amazing city which draws millions of visitors every year.