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Georgia is a state known for its human-made sites, for its monasteries, temples and old-world charm in the new little towns. However, the natural springtime beauty and exquisite places to visit in Georgia are quite unknown to many.

Bateti Lake

Camping on the northern bank of this beautiful lake will be the best experience of your life. Surrounded by rain-forest slopes, fresh spring water and fallen leaves – Bateti Lake is somewhat of a teen fairy-tale place waiting to be explored!

Trinity Hill

Popular belief holds Trinity Hill as the most mysterious place in Georgia. During my time, we hiked up the mountains, and as it turned out, atop the three mountains there was a fortress! There was a wall built around the fortress and the mystery lied in the boulders. Apparently, no one could ever find anything like those boulder rocks around the place. So, how did the people who made this wall, make it? I guess I won’t ever know. The hike up the mountain in that spring breeze was straight out from a Ghibli movie, if you know what I mean!


It took me almost four hours to reach Mestia from Zugdidi, but boy, was it worth the trouble! I got to hike around the tallest Caucasian mountains, drink water from naturally carbonated spring water and eat Svan cuisines – courtesy of my local guide! Plus, the views were amazing here!

I would jump at the chance of going to Georgia in spring again! The nature is at its’ prime, and the mountains will leave you with a feeling of longing after you come back. Do visit this majestic hill station before fall gets here!