Top 5 coolest underwater hotels around the world

Top 5 coolest underwater hotels around the world

coolest underwater hotels
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Ever felt the urge to explore the marine life on your holidays, or enjoy the luxuries and exotica along with the giants of the oceanic world? There is something exciting about the massive oceans: the brackish taste of water, the aroma of the soothing oceanic breeze and the gentle curve of rising waves. Those looking for solitude will definitely find the opportunity to relax while indulging in this unique marine experience. If you wish to discover the mysterious world of the oceans or simply dine in the company of sharks; these underwater hotels are perfect for you. 

 Manta Resort, Pemba Island

Get on a boat that takes you to this unique three storey, Manta Resort on the Pemba Island. Africa’s first underwater hotel, built 13 feet below the surface, features underwater spa, dining rooms and lavish suites with glass walled bedrooms. Imagine yourself in a room surrounded by different species of colourful fishes and watching them swimming lazily above the reef floor.


Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Get the best of life above and below the sea at Huvafen Fushi. Dip your toes in warm, ridiculously clear lagoon, dine in incredible place and when you are done exploring the incredible array of marina life, you can also check out world’s first underwater spa, the Lime spa. It offers the opportunity to relax under the ocean’s surface in an underwater Treatment Room with marine life lurking outside the window.


 Sentosa, Singapore: Resorts World

Experience the magical feeling of lying on soft beds surrounded by windowpanes of glass offering panoramic views of underwater world at Sentosa Resort,  an elegant two storey resort, located close to the world’s largest aquarium. By the time of night, the spotlights below each window around the room reveals the wonder and sea life under the ocean. This really gives a new and pleasant meaning to ‘sleeping with the fishes’.


 Lovers Deep, Caribbean

Switch off your noisy, pressurized and tired minds and get into a completely different world at Lovers Deep. As its name pronounces, it gives couples a great opportunity to get close to each other beneath the shinning waves of oceans. The marine is equipped with luxurious rooms, mini bars and bedrooms with stunning vista. This hotel is perfect for lovers and adventurers alike, providing a truly unique experience.


Subsix at Niyama, Maldives

Electronic sound party after an innovative fine dining, isn’t it a good idea? Subsix at Niyama is the world’s first underwater nightclub, six feet below the surface. Here you will get a unique experience of dancing beneath the sparkling oceans waves, while chilling out and having cocktails. Watch crabs, dolphins and vibrant coloured fishes sauntering around, as you enter a world of mesmerizing serenity created by the captivating ocean life.