Top 5 Kenyan Mountains to Include in Your Travel Itinerary

Top 5 Kenyan Mountains to Include in Your Travel Itinerary

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Much has been said about Kenya’s diverse wildlife, prehistoric sites and friendly locals. It’s time to focus on the country’s gorgeous yet not-much-talked-about mountains. You can go for hiking on them, take in the scenic view from the top and enjoy being close to nature. Here are the top 5 Kenyan mountains that you must include in your travel itinerary.

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya The highest mountain of the nation and the second-highest of the African continent, Mount Kenya is a must visit destination for thrill-seekers. It lies within the Mount Kenya National Park, offering amazing vistas of peaks, glaciers, lakes, forests, and mineral springs. This mountain’s highest peak is Batian, reaching a height of 17,057 feet. Nelion and Lenana are the next two tallest peaks. Lenana is easier to climb while Batian and Nelion are apt for experienced mountaineers. Most of the routes take three to seven days to finish off.

Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon Mount Elgon is an extinct shield volcano located on the border of Kenya and Uganda. It is at least 24 million years old. The major peaks of this mountain are Wagagai (Uganda), Sudek (in the border), Koitobos (Kenya), Mubiyi (Uganda) and Masaba (Uganda). There are paths you can take from Mount Elgon National Park to Mount Elgon - the Salsa Trail and the Pisa Trail. Speaking about the species of birds, 144 varieties exist here. To name a few: Jackson’s francolin, Hartlaub’s turaco and Tacazze sunbird.

Mount Mtelo

Mount Mtelo The fifth tallest of its type in the country, Mount Mtelo is an unmissable place for exploration. Being the cradle of the pastoral Pokot tribe as per olden traditions, this mountain is believed to be holy. You can spot creatures like antelope, black and white colobus monkey and turaco. The locals are involved in subsistence farming, some of them taking part in community projects. Also read: Kenya’s Wildlife Jewel: 13 Stunning Pics of Masai Mara’s Animals

Mount Kinangop

Kinangop Tussock Mount Kinangop, attaining an elevation of 3906 meters, is situated 100 miles north of Nairobi and lies within the Aberdare National Park. Tussock grasses can be found in the upper region and a well-spread bamboo forest occupies the lower areas of the mountain. The main peak of Mount Kinangop is a rough, rocky outcrop encircled by open moorlands. At night, the temperature falls drastically, even below the freezing point.

Mount Ng'iro

Samburu Mount Ngiro Among the top 5 Kenyan mountains, Mount Ng’iro in northern Kenya, is a spectacular mountain overlooking the Suguta Valley, surrounded by a desert and forested on the upper slopes. The Samburu, a group of pastoralists, own its territory. Interestingly, few of them are bee cultivators, consequently gaining special rights to land and water.

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