Top 5 New Year Destinations

Top 5 New Year Destinations

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‘Lazy lovers are the best lovers’, you know why, they are guilt ridden and they over compensate for their lack of planning.

All these places offer a compressive experience of clubbing and family entertainment, for the party animals, the one place to go all out is Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro!  It is raining parties and drinks, music and dance galore in this party capital of the world.

A Glittery Welcome in Sydney


Witness the world’s biggest display of fireworks at the Harbour Bridge Down Under! The first city to welcome the New Year, Sydney celebrates the dawn of the New Year in immense style and exuberance! The City hosts more than one million people gathered to experience a breath-taking light parade. You can watch the sparkling celebrations from all corners of Sydney, but the best views are from a boat cruise, the Royal Botanic Gardens or the La Bohème.

Celebrate with Mother Nature in Iceland 


Opt for an Icelandic New Year in the capital city of Reykjavík with a massive display of fireworks.  Lounging around bonfires while sipping on cocktails, and wishing everyone, ‘Gleðileg Nyár!’ till five in the morning and take an amazing dip in hot springs! Not only that, here in the northernmost city of the world, you’ll get an opportunity to celebrate with Mother Nature, as she displays her own beauty, through the amazing show of the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis!

Big Bang at the Big Ben!


Chanting a countdown in Britain’s capital has become the thing to do in the past couple of years; thanks to the grand 10-minute display of fireworks with the magnificent London Eye and Big Ben in the background.  Capture this amazing sight as you go party-hopping across a long line of clubs on River Thames- London has to be your pick if you’d like to bring in the New Year in immense style!

An Ultimate NYE in NYC 


Scream and shout and let it all out at Times Square! New York City knows how to welcome the New Year in style and panache! See it to believe it, because the billboards, confetti and cheers at Times Square is something that cannot be described in words! Over on the other side of the city, party animals get a special pass to drink and dance at the spirited and fancy clubs of Meatpacking Districts. All in all, NYC is the most happening place to be on New Year’s Eve!

An offbeat Evening in Istanbul 


If you wish to end the year in an off-beat manner, travel to Istanbul. The Bridge connecting East and West caters to all sorts of choices- whether you wish to party the night away, sit back and relax basking in a glittery night of fireworks or wine-and-dine at elegant restaurants, you name it! The popular spots offering great entertainment for New Year’s Eve are Takshim Square, The Galata Tower and Nisantasi; and of course, you can simply get on-board a yacht to celebrate in style!