Top 5 reasons why you should NOT travel to Ukraine

Top 5 reasons why you should NOT travel to Ukraine

travel to Ukraine
Ukraine Tourism
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While the internet is going gaga over Ukraine’s beauty and tourism boom; I think it is overrated! Right from its architecture, to people, to the cuisine - everything is so ordinary. Don’t believe me? Check these pictures below, and be your own judge.

On a hard-earned vacation, you would like to see something beautiful, something extraordinary

Ukraine Tourism
Carpathian, Ukraine

And, not something mediocre, like this!

things to do in Ukraine
Frozen lake in winter, Carpathian, Ukraine, Europe

Or this!

ukraine places to see
Ski resort, Bukovel, Carpathians, Ukraine, Europe

I mean, I can’t find a single reason why I should be visiting Ukraine!

Ukraine tourism Paints fantastic fall in the Carpathian Mountains.

The cities of Ukraine are so meh!

And, the landscape…. *rolls eyes* incredibly dull!

Black and white winter city park_517422304
Winter trees on snow.Kiev Ukraine

Look at this architecture - so 'uninspiring'!

Where are the colors?

Mountain Carpathian_128478668
Pink rhododendron flowers on mountain
Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Oh, God! Look at the food, does it even look appetizing?

Not one bit!


Places to visit in Ukraine, you ask! I can't find one!

Take my word, don’t ever ever visit Ukraine!

Our Reader Score
[Total: 43 Average: 3.1]