Top 7 Christmas Destinations for Family Vacations

Top 7 Christmas Destinations for Family Vacations

Top 7 Christmas Destinations
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The special and magical winters are here! Winters are always special; a time to enjoy the rich traditions and Christmas celebrations with family and friends and to ring in the new year. This is also the perfect time to head out for a rejuvenating Christmas vacation with family and friends. The best family Christmas vacations must include plenty of family activities, shopping, dining, fun activities for kids and lots of merrymaking. Europe especially, lights-up beautifully during this festive season.

Cities and towns across the length and breadth of the continent stand decorated in Christmas themes. There are exclusive Christmas markets where you can enjoy delightful European delicacies and shop for special gifts and decoration items for family and kids. Snow-laden grounds become the playground for kids, while the colourful and majestic cities come alive with typical joie de vivre spirit. So if you’re planning a family vacation, why not head to a destination that is popular for its Christmas-related festivities and celebration?

Holidayme presents the top 7 Christmas destinations that are ideal for family vacations.

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital is a delightful destination filled with imperial palaces, beautiful opera houses, fascinating art galleries and museums, and picturesque cobbled alleys dotted with quaint cafes and restaurants. All of this, looks even more captivating during the Christmas season! Check out amazing packages of Vienna for a white Christmas vacation!

Munich, Germany

The Bavarian capital is renowned for its scenic setting, wonderful historic old-town, charming beer gardens, chic cafes and fashion boutiques, and of course, the world-famous football club – Bayern Munich. Christmas celebrations are always famous and entrancing in Munich with its beautiful decorations, the bustling festive spirit, and oodles of good food and desserts.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb has emerged as a quality destination on its own rights. This Croatian capital city sports an alluring mix of Austro-Hungarian architecture, quaint cobbled alleys, lovely cafes and restaurants, and plenty of museums, galleries and theatres. Zagreb’s Christmas celebrations are equally enchanting. The entire city shines in myriad Christmas themes, with the local markets looking all the more beautiful.

Paris, France

Paris during winter offers a rather mystical feel. The stylish cafes and restaurants tend to add colour to the grey wintery skies. The charming streets of the city are less-crowded while special shows like Moulin Rouge are packed to the rafters with patrons and tourists alike. Christmas decorations gorgeously accentuate the streets and monuments of the city, while the famous museums, art galleries and restaurants shower visitors with heavy festive offers. Click here for awesome tour packages of Paris.

London, England

The multi-cultural city of London is an incredible destination to enjoy a winter vacation with family. London receives adequate snowfall, something that adds a unique dimension to its landscape. Grey skies are the usual backdrop with snow-covered grounds and colourful Christmas decorations. The small cafes and pubs offer a warm ambience with delectable food and lots of festivities, while the local markets are flooded with delightful Christmas decorations and goodies. Here are some amazing deals for travelling to London!

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is beautiful anytime of the year. Blessed with Gothic castles, churches, cobbled streets and a well-preserve historic old town, Prague resembles a fairy-tale city straight out of literary books. Prague gets high with festive energy during Christmas and New Year celebrations. The entire city blooms with stunning Christmas decorations, special Christmas markets, and lots of fervour! Check out tour packages to Prague.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch capital is a beautiful place to revel in a memorable winter vacation with family and friends. The city is home to top-notch museums, historic windmills and canals, and sprawling acres of breath-taking horticulture gardens. Its quaint cafes and restaurants are renowned for serving world-class culinary delights and desserts. There are special discounts in several attractions and events while the entire city looks charming in Christmas decorations. Check out exciting Amsterdam holiday packages.