Top 7 Greek holiday destinations for summer

Top 7 Greek holiday destinations for summer

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Infinite stretches of white sandy beaches, vineyards and olive groves, beautiful landscapes, mountainous terrains, sumptuous gastronomic offerings, friendly people and great hospitality, all ensconced in just one small country! Yes, it’s Greece. Stunning natural beauty, fascinating history, ancient archaeological sites, white sandy beaches and countless islands, no wonder Greece is every photographer’s dream destination. A country with fascinating beauty, Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for summer holidays. The holiday season for most of the Greek islands starts in spring season (mid-April) and end in the autumn season (late October). So, it’s advised to visit Greece at the earliest!

Why is summer the best time to visit Greece?

Best summer in Greece

Greece is famously known as a summer holiday destination and many tourists hop onto the Greek islands during the months of summer to enjoy the warm weather that Greece has to offer. In fact, the tourism in Greece starts in April and lasts till late October. The warm weather is one of the best things that people love in Greece. During the summers, the perfect climate makes it all the more enticing for the tourists to enjoy memorable holidays in Greece and indulge in the wide range of activities on offer.

1. Sunset in Santorini

Oia Santorini

Greece is a terrific place where wonderful experiences never end. Explore Santorini, probably the most intriguing island of Greece. Its name is more than enough to reveal the mesmerizing beauty of Greece with its whitewashed traditional houses, balconies, red and black sand beaches, dormant volcanoes, lively nightlife and among them the very best, is the legendary sunset in Santorini. Watching the sunset from legendary spots while sipping wine is the best way to experience the glorious beauty of Santorini.

2. Explore the city of Crete

best places to visit in Greece

One of the largest islands in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete is amongst the most popular summer destinations which combine everything you could ask from your summer vacation. From its glorious beaches, fertile valleys, traditional villages, wild landscapes, steep gorges, impressive monuments, brilliant civilization to its rich gastronomic culture, Crete has it all. Crete is a small universe teeming with hidden treasures and stunning beauties that you will probably take a long time to uncover!

3. Meteora Monasteries – the most awe-inspiring site on Earth

Meteora Monasteries

Serene, spiritual, breath-taking, magical, immense, inspiring and impressive, all these are mostly used to describe the Meteora Monasteries. Greece has a wide range of diversity in places and landscapes that cannot be found anywhere else. Truly an inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formation, a tour to Meteora Monasteries provides a unique experience of the grandeur of nature along with its history, architecture and everlasting desire of man to connect with the divine.

4. Encounter the ancient Acropolis - Athens

Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

What would a visit to Athens be without visiting the Acropolis and not exploring the Parthenon? Step back in time to the days of the ancient Athens, as Greece brings out images of ancient ruins and bygone eras. An archaeological site perched on top of an impressive rock is the most visited monument in Greece today. For history buffs, there’s simply no better way to dig your passion for archaeology than Greece. Rising proudly and visible from all corners of the city, the Acropolis of Athens is the ancient civilization, entirely made up of marbles and houses a giant statue of Greek goddess – Athena.

5. Enjoy the unforgettable scenery of Shipwreck bay, Zakynthos

Shipwreck bay, Zakynthos

If you are planning on visiting Greece this summer, then you should definitely make the effort to visit the world famous beaches of this beautiful country. White colored giant vertical cliffs surrounding demure sandy beaches creating an enchanting image of Greece. Zakynthos is an ideal destination for those looking for vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, exotic turquoise water, white sand, sunny days and cruises. There are so many things to do here to make your stay an unforgettable one.

6. The cosmopolitan island of Greece - Mykonos

Best time to visit Greece

The cosmopolitan island of Greece, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos is synonymous with fun and entertainment. Set out on a journey to discover a fascinating world where simplicity meets glamour! An ultimate summer holiday destination for all ages and preferences, especially for young people looking for all day-night entertainment. A view from the windmills, sunset from Little Venice and a vibrant night out in Mykonos Town, are some of the things not to be missed here!

7. Epidaurus Theatre - The masterpiece of Greek architecture 

the ancient Acropolis - Athens
Ancient theatre in Athens

Arguably one of the best preserved Greek theatres, Epidaurus Theatre is renowned for its incredible acoustics, symmetry and the purest masterpiece of Greek architecture. The theatre is also the most beautiful classical theatre in Greece as it is surrounded by lush greenery and gives perfect views of the valley below. In summer, the theatre hosts many performances of ancient Greek drama.

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