Top 7 things to do with kids in Dubai

Top 7 things to do with kids in Dubai

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The charm of Dubai can’t be debated. While it is largely known for its larger-than-life shopping malls, skyscrapers, man-made marvels and an army of world-class hotels; there is no dearth of fun activities for kids.

Whether you are a native, or someone who is travelling to Dubai for a vacation, the following list of top things to do with kids in Dubai will help you keep your little-ones amused. These activities with kids will ensure that not only your kids but also you, thoroughly enjoy your visit to this incredible emirate.

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Global Village

Dubai Global Village

What could be a better way of introducing your kid to various cultures and customs than taking them through creative display, tasty international food to sample and fun-filled dance and performances? Yes, you will find all of that and more at Global village, world’s largest tourism, and entertainment and leisure project. The fun part is that the place has a ‘carnival feel’ with lots of amusement rides and games and a dedicated children’s play area that keeps kids as well as adults engage for hours.

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium

One of the best ways of beating the Dubai heat is to take your little ones to Dubai Dolphinarium, the first fully air-conditioned indoor Dolphinarium that allows kids aged 5 + to swim with dolphins in a kiddie pool (accompanied by an adult). With live shows and great opportunities for photo-ops with the smartest mammal, do we need to tell you that it is an experience to cherish for lifetime?

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Dubai Marina Walk 

Dubai Marina WalkDon’t let the chaos of daily existence rob you of precious time that is reserved for your kids. If going to a mall or an aquarium seems difficult, simply head to the Dubai Marina Walk that is a fun walk-through fountain. Dotted with numerous restaurants and shopping stalls, the vibrancy of the place is infectious. Kids will have fun strolling through its expansive cobblestoned boulevard while adults will find various public events happening around the Marina Walk to keep them entertained.

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium

No matter how old you become, you are never old enough to not enjoy a trip to the Aquarium or Zoo. Mind you, it is not yet another zoo/aquarium that we are talking about, but gigantic aquarium and underwater zoo with a 10-million litre tank where thousands of creepy-crawlies swim and roam amidst the beautiful coral. Find it at the ground level of the famous Dubai Mall. Come here to check out - sharks and stingrays which are hands down the top attractions, along with King Croc, Octopus, Squids, Nautilus, and Cuttlefish among many others.

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Wild Wadi Water Park

Dubai Wild Wadi Park

One of the major concerns of most amusement parks is that they intend to serve the adults and have limited number of rides of kids. But, not at the Wild Wadi Water Park! With about 30 fun-filled rides and most of them kid-friendly, this place is the perfect spot to take your kid to. Don’t worry if your kid is tinier than 110 cm, he or she can still have loads of fun at the lazy river or other vast water playground with water guns, a dumping bucket and smaller slides. Moms can have an exclusive day out with their babies on Thursdays, when the park is open only to women, girls, and boys under eight years of age.

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Madinat Jumeriah


Madinat Jumeriah is so much more than just an upmarket place with swanky restaurants and luxurious hotels, spa and a private beach. It also has a turtle rehabilitation unit run by the Wildlife Protection Office that intents to rehabilitate injured and sick turtles and ultimately return them to their natural habitat. The rehabilitation enclosures are open to public at all time at the Mina A’Salam hotel. There are fixed turtle feeding sessions that the kiddies can enjoy for free, every Wednesday at 11am and Friday at 1pm.

Things to do with kids in Dubai: Safa Park 

Dubai Safa Park

Kids are uncomplicated. A simple walk or a play date with their friends in the park is enough to keep them happy and their energies in check. Why not take them to Safa Park- an urban park spread over a sprawling area of 64 hectares. It comprises of three serene lakes, grassy lawns and about 200 species of birds. Do not miss on checking out the waterfall that flows out of the hill into the largest lake that contains boats and a gorgeous fountain.