Top 8 Reasons to Visit Denmark Once in Your Lifetime

Top 8 Reasons to Visit Denmark Once in Your Lifetime

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark

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One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Denmark is a small, compact, and a very convenient country to visit. This amazing Nordic country is known for its sturdy engineering, architecture, food, fashion, art galleries & museums, castles & palaces, and truly world class cities. However, Denmark’s greatest charm is its unique concept of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced as hoo-guh), which means to look out for a comfortable, cosy moment to cherish in your daily routine.
Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark – Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
There are several reasons to visit this beautiful country, be it to experience the Danish warmth of ‘Hygge,’ or to bask in its soft, sunny glow while cycling in the countryside, or to laze around on the windswept beaches of North Atlantic Sea. Take your pick!

Top 8 Reasons to Visit Denmark

1. Amazing museums and art galleries

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark - ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
Denmark is a dream destination for art lovers. The country has several amazing museums and art galleries covering every art movement and ages, starting from the Vikings, to the Danish Golden Age, to the contemporary art movements.
  • The National Gallery of Denmark provides an amazing insight into Danish society, culture, and history.
  • The ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is known for its trendy installation on its rooftop - Your rainbow panorama.
Other key museums of Denmark are Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, and Thorvaldsens Museum. READ MORE: Van Gogh, Windmills And Tulips: Explore Netherlands Through Its Museums!

2. Stunning palaces and castles

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark - Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark
Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark
Did you know that the legendary playwright, William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was inspired by northern Europe's finest Renaissance castle - the Kronborg castle in Helsingør, Denmark? It is better-known as Shakespeare's castle now! Visit Denmark for the several Renaissance palaces and medieval castles strewn across the country. These amazing castles and palaces used to serve as the royal residences of the Danish Royal Family and are still standing in pomp and glory.
  • Check out the sprawling Amalienborg Palace, the official residence of Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik.
  • Frederiksborg Palace is home to Museum of National History in Copenhagen.
  • Christiansborg Palace is very well known, thanks to the success of the Danish TV series - Borgen.
  • Rosenborg Castle holds the Royal Regalia, crown jewels, art treasures and a well-documented 400-year-old history.
  • Other important places and castles includes the likes of Marselisborg Palace, official summer and Christmas residence of the Danish Royal Family and Fredensborg Palace, known as Denmark's Versailles.
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3. The most bicycle-friendly nation

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark - Cycling in Denmark
Cycling in Denmark
Visit Denmark to experience one of the most cycle-friendly countries in the world! Denmark’s flat land is ideal for easy biking and the country has set-up elaborate biking infrastructure. There are long bike routes and specially designed cycle bridges. Easy cycle renting makes it an amazing experience to explore the best sights of Denmark. It’s even possible to explore neighbouring cities by cycle as there are plenty of stops to seek refreshments and mingle with fellow cyclists. Fun fact: There's nearly 12,000km of clearly sign-posted cycle routes across the entire country. Danish capital, Copenhagen has been ranked as world's most bike-friendly city - it has 675,000 bicycles and just 120,000 cars! READ MORE: Slice Of Scandinavia – My Summer Stories From Sweden!

4. Exciting food and beverages scene

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark - Danish Cuisine
Danish Food
The Danish culinary scene is reinventing itself with a lot of fusion cooking, molecular gastronomy, and the New Danish Cuisine philosophy. Denmark’s renovation of Scandinavian cuisine has led to several Michelin starred restaurants including the world-famous restaurant Noma. Danish food is mostly sourced from local ingredients and produces. It has several cult classics like the Rød pølse (red sausage), Smørrebrød (open sandwich), Durum shawarma, Falafel, Frikadeller (Danish meat balls), Fiskefrikadeller (fish chop), salmon, cod dishes and plenty of steaks, and tenderloins. The Danes also love their beers. Denmark is home to a great beer industry driven by the likes of Carlsberg, Tuborg, and several well renowned microbreweries. READ MORE: Chocolates, Waffles And Fries: Indulge In Belgium’s Food And Desserts!

5. Interesting range of music and nightlife

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark - Copenhagen Opera House
Copenhagen Opera House
Denmark has a reputation of hosting amazing summer music festivals like the NorthSide in Aarhus, Nibe Festival in northern Jutland, and Copenhell Festival in Copenhagen. The Roskilde Music Festival, one of the biggest in Europe, attract plenty of crowds as well. Danish cities are known for their trendy nightclubs, jazz bars and live-music concerts, featuring noted Danish and Scandinavian DJs known for their signature EDM, trance, and house music. Denmark’s nightlife comprises of cosy pubs, cocktail bars, sports bars, lounges, and trendy clubs. READ MORE: Football, Food And Films: London’s Must Have Experiences!

6. Fashion trends and shopping

Danish fashion
Catch the latest Scandinavian fashion trends in Denmark. The country is at the forefront of trendy and classy fashion, accessories, and brands. The Danish fashion scene is rapidly growing with new brands and designers joining the ever-increasing list. Some of the key Danish fashion labels are Munthe, Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Mads Nørgaard, Bruuns Bazaar, etc. Shopping in Denmark is an equally rewarding experience as the country is known for its quality products and wonderful designs. Some of the key places to shop in Copenhagen are Bredgade, known for its antiques, art, and furniture. The area around Kongens Nytorv (The King’s New Square) is also ideal for stylish Danish fashion and electronics from the reputed Bang and Olufsen. Læderstræde is good for jewellery, clothing, and interior boutiques. The Latin Quarter is known for its avant-garde, underground and up-coming fashion labels. Kronprinsensgade and Strøget are full of luxury brands, high-end fashion stores and well-known department stores.

7. Windswept beaches and landscapes

Top-8 reasons to visit Denmark - Blavand Beach, Denmark
Blavand Beach, Denmark
Denmark’s windswept beaches are a true photographer’s delight. The country is not short of sea beaches with over 7,300 kilometres of coastline lined with white sandy beaches. Some of the most popular beaches of Denmark are Søndervig, Tisvildeleje, Blåvand, Blokhus, and Hornbæk. However, beaches are not the sole attractions of Denmark. The country also boasts of incredible landscapes featuring the likes of Råbjerg Mile, Skagen, Rubjerg Knot, Møns Klint, Rold Forest, Moaning Bay, Anholt, and many more amazing places. READ MORE: Sun, Sand, And Paradise: 10 Best Beaches Of The World!

8. Experience the unique Danish "hygge"

Top 8 reasons to visit Denmark - Danish Hygee
Danish Hygee (comfortable moments)
It's difficult to explain the meaning of "hygge" in a single English word. It is a feeling that's a combination of experiencing  warmth, security, happiness and comfort! And the Danes brought in the concept of hygge into their routine lives to dispel the boredom, gloom and sadness that comes with the typical everyday affairs. No wonder Denmark is counted among the happiest countries in the world! This small country has perfected the art of enjoying the simple and cosy moments of life, be it sipping a cup of hot chocolate, reading a book in front of a fireplace, or enjoying a home cooked meal with candle lights; Danish hygge has evolved into a perfect concept. Danish hygge simply celebrates the day to day comfortable moments both interior and exterior. Be it wearing pyjamas to office or camping on a beautiful beach or joyfully cycling around the countryside. You have to visit Denmark to truly experience what we're talking about 🙂

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