Women’s Day Special – Top 8 Women-Friendly Destinations for Solo Travel!

Women’s Day Special – Top 8 Women-Friendly Destinations for Solo Travel!

Top 8 women friendly destinations

At holidayme, the safety and health of our customers is our top priority. This blog was published before the Coronavirus pandemic and is not encouraging our dear readers to travel during these uncertain times.

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As the world celebrates International Women's Day on 8 March, 2020, we, at Holidayme would recommend that women should celebrate their independence, grow closer to themselves and experience liberation by planning a solo trip! If the thought of solo travel is intimidating, you can also consider an all-women trip with your girl gang. So, we have curated a list of women-friendly destinations that are safe for you to experiment with solo travel – a great confidence and character-building experience!

8 Women-Friendly Destinations for Solo Travel

1. Switzerland - a safe European destination for solo-travel

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Switzerland
Why Visit Switzerland – One of the safest countries in Europe, Switzerland is compact, unique, and stylish. Apart from being punctual, the Swiss are friendly and warm and go out of their way to help you out. Public transport is highly efficient, allowing easy access to key Swiss cities and towns. This compact alpine country packs plenty of activities comprising of charming stays, delicious food, and plenty of shopping. This beautiful country is known for its plush mountain resorts, unspoilt countryside, charming cafes, restaurants and medieval European architecture. Visit Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, and Bern to experience the true Swiss bliss. Don’t forget to shop as well. Switzerland is a true shoppers’ paradise and you can buy finest leather products, luxury watches, gold, silver and precious gems, chocolates, wooden handicrafts, cheese, fine wine and many more. READ MORE: The Most Amazing Places To Visit In Switzerland

2. Canada - a scenic, solo travel destination for women

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Canada
Why Visit Canada – One of the most liberal countries in the world, Canada is among the most developed, with the lowest crime rates in the world. Women solo travellers will have a lot of options like enjoying scenic train rides, road trips, or exploring charming cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto that consistently rank as the top cities in terms of quality of life. Canada’s vast stretches comprises of unspoilt wilderness, remote mountains, islands, craggy coastlines, alpine lakes, scenic railroads, and plenty of adventure sports. READ MORE: Top 10 Stunning Places To Visit In Canada

3. Netherlands - a fun & trendy solo travel destination

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Netherlands
Why Visit Netherlands – Amsterdam is one of the most liberal and friendly cities in the world. Amsterdam is full of cafes, nightclubs, museums, art galleries and Instagram-worthy sights like the intricate network of canals, windmills, tulip gardens and architecture. Netherlands is fun, safe and tourist-friendly. Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague attracts millions of tourists each year, being blessed with trendy museums, cafes, restaurants, nightlife, and cultural attractions. Fun and trendy, Netherlands is certainly among the best destinations for solo women travellers. READ MORE: 13 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Netherlands

4. Denmark - a stylish, women-friendly destination

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Denmark
Why Visit Denmark – The compact, and contemporary trends in design, architecture and food makes Denmark a worthy destination for women planning solo travel. The Danes have a reputation for being among the most stylish people on the planet and it’s evident in its cities, towns and charming countryside dotted with villages and stylish seafronts. The city of Copenhagen is the most cycle-friendly in the world and is so flat that girls can easily explore the entire city on a bike! Denmark is one of the leading countries of Scandinavia and is known for its palaces, castles, exotic beaches, cathedrals, nature parks and many more Instagram worthy places. Windswept beaches, chic designs, colourful historic centers, fairy-tale castles, warm glow of sunlight and gastronomical delights are some of the most compelling reasons to travel to Denmark.

5. Portugal - a low-cost, European solo travel destination

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Portugal
Why Visit Portugal - It’s cheap, blessed with wonderful climate round the year and is full of rich cultural treasures including fairy tale castles, medieval European cities, a delightful cuisine, and wine and plenty of stunning beaches. Be it the beaches of Algarve or the wine of Douro Valley o the mournful Fado of Lisbon’s Old Quarter, Portugal exudes charm all over. Low cost of travel, safe and friendly neighbours, and a general spirit of “joie de vivre” makes it a very attractive women friendly destination.

6. Vietnam - most scenic vacation in Asia for solo travelers

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Vietnam
Why Visit Vietnam – Vietnam’s dreamy landscapes, delicious food, friendly locals, ornate cities and towns, and beautiful beaches are perfect for Instagram-loving women solo travellers. Asia’s most exotic destination, Vietnam packs incredible travel experiences for solo travellers. It includes street food, colourful fabrics, fascinating landscapes of Sapa Valley, Mekong River, and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Halong Bay. There are plenty of colourful cities like Hanoi, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, etc and several iconic sights like the famous valley of Ninh Binh, beaches of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet to experience and enjoy! READ MORE: Backpacker’s Delight: Vietnam, Cambodia, And Laos!

7. New Zealand - an adventure travel destination for women

Top 8 women friendly destinations - New Zealand
New Zealand
Why Visit New Zealand – Solo travel to New Zealand can be quite a rewarding experience if you've got adventure on your mind. Who said women don't enjoy that rush of adrenaline?! New Zealand is known for scenic hiking trails, leisure tourism, plenty of adrenaline-pumping adventure sports and to top them all - one of the safest countries for solo women travellers! Kiwiland is all about poetic landscapes comprising of green meadows, alpine lakes, misty fjords, glaciers, and snow-capped peaks. Its famous cities like Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Queenstown are all about stylish waterfronts, classic restaurants, and cafes, urban adventures and plenty of leisure and relaxation amidst the friendly natives. READ MORE: Romance Your Way Around In 100% Pure New Zealand

8. Bali - relax, rejuvenate & party as you travel solo

Top 8 women friendly destinations - Bali
Why Visit Bali – Generally considered a romantic destination for couples, Bali is actually a perfect destination in the South East Asia region for solo women travellers. It’s ideal for beach lounging, spa treatments, Balinese massages, and plenty of nature hikes. The island is also among the top party destinations of Asia with plenty of trendy nightclubs. So if you're looking for a place to let your hair down with your girl-gang, Bali is the place! Bali is also ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation as the island is home to several eco-lodges and resorts. There are plenty of amazing sites like the monkey forest, exotic capital of Denpasar, and plenty of classy neighbourhoods like Kuta, Seminayak, etc. Indonesia’s coolest island, Bali is an amazing destination packed with misty green rolling hills, serene beaches, poetic sunsets, plenty of cultural activities and delicious food. READ MORE: Top Places To Visit In Bali, Indonesia
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