Top Culinary Festivals around the World

Top Culinary Festivals around the World

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If food is your true love, then chances are you will plan your vacation to keep your taste buds satiated. There are some incredible choices for food-focused vacations, at these amazing destinations that celebrate food like no place else.

Taste of Chicago


When: July 10th to July 14th
Where: Chicago, IL
Why should you go?
Treat your taste buds with the best cuisine as Chicago city offers the annual extravaganza of food at ‘Taste of Chicago’ food festival. Claiming to be the world’s biggest gourmet celebration, the festival draws hordes of visitors yearly to the Windy City for the mid-summer food festival. Thirty five of the city’s best eateries — showcases the diversity of Chicago’s dining style at Grant Park. This five day food festival along with live music and fun activities for children makes this the hottest celebration of the city.



When: Sept 10th to Sept 20th
Where: Naples, Italy
Why should you go?
Now, who doesn’t like cheesy pizza on a dull day? If you are a fan of pizza just like billion others in the world, you outta know where this heavenly dish comes from! Yes! Naples, the birthplace of our soul food. The Pizzafest is the greatest celebration of pizza in Italy. Each year the residents of Naples hold a festival as a tribute to this famous dish of Italy. This festival sees a host of participants who bake pizzas that are judged by the famous pizza makers. Besides the crunchy pizzas, the guests can also enjoy shows, concerts and cabaret, and participate in various competitions.

Fiesta De Marisco


When: Oct 3rd to Oct 12th
Where: O Grove, Spain
Why should you go?
If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to eat because “there are so many things to do in life other than food” — visit Spain and transform into a foodie, a hardcore one at that! Famous for meat, fish and leafy vegetables, people generally turn to Spanish food when they want something light. Europe’s elite fishmongers unite for a two-week seafood safari at the seaside village of O Grove on the coast of Galicia. Here, you would enjoy various delicacies of seafood especially juicy lobsters. In addition to delicious seafood, you will be entertained by the famous DJ music and traditional dancing.

Delhi’s Street Food Festival

Delhi’s Street Food Festival

When: Dec 25th to Dec 28th
Where: Delhi, Mumbai
Why should you go?
When a cuisine uses spices in such abundance that the meat and vegetables seem like an afterthought, you know you are dealing with Indian cooks. If the idea of sampling cuisines from 25 Indian states at one venue appeals to you then ‘’Delhi’s Street Food Festival’’ is just the place to be. You will be mesmerized to find 175 stalls that will leave you spoilt for choice at the ongoing Street Food Festival at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The four-day festival highlights the wide variety of street food available across India. You can choose between Delhi’s chilli Momos to Idli-Sambar and Dosas of Tamil Nadu and more to satisfy your street food cravings.

Three Kings Festival


When: 6th January
Where: Mexico and Spain
Why should you go?
For many Christians, the holiday doesn’t officially end until the 12th day of Christmas, known as the “Three Kings’ Day”. As the story goes on this occasion, three Kings arrived at their native place to give gifts to baby Jesus. Walk into any household to sample: a baked doughnut-like cake that seems like a King’s crown and the baby toy hidden within the sweet bread is a “baby Jesus” – Fun fact: As per the tradition, those who find the toy in their slice must then prepare to host a party on ‘Dia de la Candelaria’ in February.

The Moon Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival


When: Jan 21st to Feb 20th
Where: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore
Why should you go?
Did you know that Chinese cuisine is eaten by a third of the world’s population every day? From back-alley dumpling shops to luxurious banquet halls, China has world’s finest cuisine. According to a vast majority of connoisseurs. You must have tasted noodles, fried-rice and Manchurian at the local restaurants. But, once you treat your taste buds with the Moon Cakes, you will perhaps never like the Chinese food made at the restaurant near you. On the festival day, all the family members get together to offer sacrifice to the moon, acknowledge the bright full moon, eat moon cakes, and express strong yearnings towards family members and friends who live far away.

Long Grove Chocolate Fest

Long Grove Chocolate Fest

When: May 15th to May 17th
Where: Long Grove, Chicago
Why should you go?
Even though, chocolates mayn’t be technically part of any cuisine, but am pretty sure everyone who loves these would want to be a part of ‘Long Grove Chocolate Fest’, especially the chocolate lovers. Savour a weekend of seductive chocolate treats, when the entire downtown will be dripping with chocolate! Chocolate covered strawberries, fudge, dark chocolate, chocolate frosty donuts, and many such more, isn’t your mouth watering already?