Top islands in Seychelles and places to explore

Top islands in Seychelles and places to explore

The Seychelles is on the bucket list of many travellers who want to soak up some sun on its gorgeous beaches and experience ultimate paradise on earth. The Seychelles comprises of 115 islands – each has a story to tell and have their own charm, and all are worth a visit. The big question that is often asked is, which island to skip or visit? We, at holidayme, recommend you to check out the top islands in Seychelles, and keep some time at hand to explore the smaller islands for a complete blissful experience of the tropical island.


Mahe The biggest of all 115 islands, Mahé is the most populated and one of the top islands in Seychelles. Mahé boasts of over 60 pristine beaches and coves. There are plenty of white sand-clad hidden corners offering a small paradise of your own. The Morne Seychellois National Park divides the island into east and west, with majority of the population residing on the east coast, closer to the capital of Mahé, Victoria. Thick tropical forests and mountains make the interiors of the island great for nature trails, rock climbing and other adventurous activities. While island hopping, make sure Mahé island is the last leg of your Seychelles journey, and take advantage of the free bus shuttle service to the airport. Though the beaches of Mahé are not frequented by tourists, the island is definitely worth your time!

Attractions of Mahé

Beau Vallon – One of the most visited beaches of the Seychelles, Beau Vallon, has crystal clear water and a vibrant coral reef. The beach is famous for swimming and snorkeling. Beau Vallon Victoria – Explore the capital of the island, Victoria. Named after Queen Victoria, the colonial influences can be seen all over the city. The city is laidback and is best to be explored by foot. Anse Royale – The longest beach of Mahé, Anse Royale is also considered as the safest beach for swimming.


Praslin There is no dearth of stunning beaches at Praslin. The second biggest island of the Seychelles, Praslin is much quieter and laidback as compared to Mahé. The island is sparsely populated and remains deserted most time of the year, giving its visitor the feeling of owning the island! The beaches are simply breath-taking; Anse Lazio and Anse Geogette are rated as the world’s best beach destinations. It is the only island with an 18-hole golf course. The bus service is as good and cheap as that of Mahé. There are catamarans available to reach Praslin from Mahé or La Digue – they take over 45 and 15 minutes respectively. If choppy waters make you sick, flight is the best option.

Attractions of Praslin

Cote d’Or – One of the most beautiful beaches of the island, Cote d’Or is known for its calm waters. It is a haven for snorkelers and has some of the best resorts and hotels. Vallée de Mai – The nature reserve should be on your list if you are visiting Praslin. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this nature reserve has the rare coco de mer palms, producing world’s largest nuts. Anse Volbert – This picturesque beach is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Chauve- Souris, a small islet is close enough to snorkel to and explore. See more interesting things to do in Seychelles!

La Digue 

La Digue Looking for iconic beaches? Your search ends at La Digue. The smallest inhabited island of the three, La Digue is the best to simply chill out and enjoy the local life. Anse Source D'Argent, probably the most photographed beach of the Seychelles, will definitely blow away your mind. The beauty of La Digue beaches in comparison to that of Mahé and Praslin is unmatched, but they are not the best for swimming; some have shallow waters, while a few have strong currents and big waves. The best way to discover this small island is by a bicycle or with a walk around small towns, or you can opt for a traditional ox cart for an authentic travel experience. There are direct catamarans from Praslin, however, in order to reach Mahé, one needs to change boat at Praslin.

Attractions of La Digue

Grand Anse – This is one of the best beaches to experience the Seychelles. This stunning beach has very few visitors, thanks to the efforts one needs to take to get here! It’s the longest beach of La Digue and swimming during the monsoons (April – October) can be dangerous. La Passe – A tranquil harbour - this is where all the yachts and schooners are docked. This tiny village takes you back in time – a sleepy port. There are souvenir shops worth taking a look at. Nid d'Aigle – The highest point of La Digue, it offers extraordinary views. The descend will get you to Anse Cocos, a beautiful bay perfect for sunbathing. Nid d'Aigle Looking for a romantic getaway? Check out best hotels for honeymoon couples in Seychelles

Smaller Islands to Explore 

Petite Soeur – The sister island of Grande Soeur, it is surrounded by a reef and can be reached only when the sea is calm. Grande Soeur – A private island with pristine beaches, palm trees, and turtles to delight you. Curieuse – Located a few kilometres away from Praslin, this island has an amazing biodiversity. A small hike on the island is a must for an experience. St. Pierre – Known for snorkeling, St. Pierre is a picture-perfect island with granite rocks and coconut palms. St. Pierre Moyenne Island – It was home to Bernard Grimshaw, the owner of Moyenne Island, who passed away in 2012; it's now a national park. It is just 10 minutes away from Mahé mainland. Bird Island –  For an ultimate getaway, head to Bird Island. It is an ideal place to relieve stress and get closer to nature. Bird Island
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