Top places to enjoy Bungee Jumping

Top places to enjoy Bungee Jumping

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Relax, take a deep breath, and look at the tremendous landscapes around you at this unprecedented height – now it’s a time for the final countdown.... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Jump! Let yourself go free and take the plunge from the top of a tower while an elastic cord secures you and keeps you suspended just few inches above the ground level. Experience the adventure of bungee jumping as you fly, free fall and come to a sudden halt and lie hanging in the air for a while upside down! Here, we have a collection of world’s most adrenaline bungee jumps you must try in your lifetime.

Kawarau Bridge

Where: Queenstown, New Zealand Height: 43m The catch is in going down fast, like real Fast! Queenstown, is not only the adventure centre of the world, but is also home to the world’s best bungee jumps. If you have heard of bungee jumping, then am pretty sure you are aware of the Kawarau Bridge. It is the only place where you are allowed to touch the water while bungee jumping from 43 metres above the Kawarau River. Here you can also do Bungee advances, in reverse, without anyone else or with a friend.

The Last Resort

Last Resort bungee jumping, Nepal

Where: Tatopani, Nepal Height: 160m Exciting, thrilling and terrifying all at the same time! Just think about the height and your legs will begin shaking. With its green mountains and clear waters, the Last Resort is an astonishing natural spot for trekking but nothing matches the experience of bungee jumping here. Just gear up for this adrenaline rush, show some courage and take a plunge towards the scary tropical valley. Let your friends capture your candid moments that you can treasure for a lifetime.

The Nevis

The Nevis bungee jumping
Image Source: Wikipedia
Where: Queenstown, New Zealand Height: 134m We all know, bungee jumping is not really for the soft ones at heart, but without danger there would be no thrill, and adventure comes with the thrill factor. So, face your fear while standing on the edge of the platform. For some people this is simply an outdoor activity but for adventure lovers, this is the greatest challenge of their life. With a flawless combination of wild adventures and serene beauty, the Nevis is a place renowned for its extraordinary runaway jumping style where you can catch a glimpse of the spectacular beauty of Queenstown.

Verzasca Dam

Where: Ticino, Switzerland Height: 220m Simply take a look at this photo and this is sufficient to make you giddy. That dam just keeps going down and down – hopefully not to punish in case you are freefalling down its face. Oh! Its summit is like the site of a heart-stopping bungee bounce. Seen in the famous James Bond motion picture ‘Goldeneye’, this hydroelectric dam has been one of the famous haunts for bungee jumpers. Here, you will see yourself hanging over the dam before pulling the release cord and set for the action in motion.

Victoria Falls Bridge

Where: On the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia Height: 128m Begin your experience by riding over a 198m suspension bridge to the Launch Pad that crosses the Zambezi River. Feel the thrill, when you will be suspended high over a bridge and then released, experience this massive adrenaline rush as you end up swinging down to the water level. A truly exhilarating experience that you should enjoy!

Macau Tower

Where: Macau, China Height: 233m The jump pod overlooking the thriving Macau city holds an appealing attraction for the lovers of bungee jumping. This mind boggling freefall made ‘the Guinness Book of World Records’ for the highest bungee hop, which gives an unforgettable experience for the jumpers who jump from the glass-panelled pod. Uniquely designed bungee cords that bounce up and down, instead of side to side, this increases the risk of swinging and hitting the tower.

Corinth Canal

Where: Greece Height: 79 m With the River Alpheus runs along the base of the canal, this rare bungee jump is a beauty, and edging along its platform which takes some beating for fear factor too. The adrenaline seekers will have a blast, jumping off the bridge directly into the Corinth Canal, which works as a connector between mainland Greece and the Peloponnese.