Top 9 Places to Visit in Bali, Indonesia

Top 9 Places to Visit in Bali, Indonesia

Top Places to Visit in Bali , Indonesia

An exotic Indonesian destination, Bali captivates tourists with its charming culture, delicious food, serene beaches and plenty of world class resorts. Its idyllic villages and towns welcome tourists with a friendly vibe and an otherworldly charm. Stunning black, white and golden sand beaches offer a contrast to the island’s hinterland dominated by volcanic mountains, terraced rice farms and rainforests dotted with withered ancient temples.

Top Places to Visit in Bali , Indonesia

Not just the landscape, even the culture of Bali plays an effective role in making the island a sensational destination for honeymooners as well as families. One of the key aspects of Bali’s tourism is its unique culture that has its own sets of customs, traditions, music, architecture, and cuisine.

The winters (November to March) are the perfect time to explore Bali in Indonesia.

1. Ubud

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Ubud

The town of Ubud is the heart and soul of Bali’s unique culture. The area is renowned for its lush green rainforests, terraced rice fields, ancient temples and shrines. Ubud is also the centre of Balinese art, music, dance, folk culture and handicrafts. Ubud’s lush green serene beauty aided by its sleepy villages and exotic culture makes it one of the top places to visit in Bali, Indonesia. 

2. Kuta

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Kuta

One of the first developed places in Bali, Kuta is a vibrant area with a wonderful white sand beach renowned for its party atmosphere and amazing surfing. Kuta draws plenty of backpackers and honeymooners every year. A thriving shopping and dining scene further makes Kuta one of the top places to visit in Bali, Indonesia.

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3. Denpasar

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Denpasar

The capital city of Bali, Denpasar is a vibrant hub filled with important attractions of Bali like the Denpasar Art Center, a sprawling complex with a museum, a concert hall, multiple theatres and a Balinese performance school. The city also hosts the annual Bali Arts Festival renowned for showcasing multiple facets of Bali’s culture. Check out the Bajra Sandhi Monument, a classic example of Balinese architecture and a symbol of Bali’s resistance to the Dutch colonialism. There are plenty of things to see and do in Denpasar which makes it one of the most visited places to see in Bali.

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4. Jimbaran

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Jimbaran

Located south of Kuta, Jimbaran is a fishing village and a popular coastal resort with key luxury resorts like Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran. Jimbaran Bay has a long beach and calm waters ideal for honeymooners looking for some quiet time. The beach is lined with fish restaurants, colourful shacks, an open-air market and a pristine rainforest. Jimbaran Bay is ideal for leisure and a relaxing stay in Bali with family and friends.  

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5. Seminyak

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Seminyak

Seminyak is a small town located on the southwestern coast of Bali adjacent to the touristy popular area of Kuta. However, Seminyak is one of the most exclusive destinations of Bali with world class five-star hotels and resorts to stylish fashion boutiques to top-notch restaurants and cafes. The Seminyak Beach offers dangerous surfs enough to attract professional surfers while it’s a favoured place to stay in Bali for celebrities, luxury travellers and honeymooners.

6. Tegallalang

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Tegalalang

Looking to experience the rustic charm of Bali? Visit Tegallalang, a small sleepy Balinese village, famous for its stunning vistas of terraced rice paddy cultivation and traditional irrigation techniques known as “Subak”. Tegallalang village is part of Ubud district and a very popular tourist attraction of Bali, Indonesia. Visit the scenic villages of Pejeng, Campuhan alongside Tegallalang to witness the famed art of Balinese terraced farming and don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture the stunning lush green vistas.

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7. Kintamani

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Kintamani

Kintamani area boasts of three of the oldest Balinese villages which serve as the staging areas to see the famous Bali Volcano also referred to as the Kintamani Volcano or Mount Batur. The region is a popular tourist attraction of Bali and offers pristine views of the Mount Batur range, Batur caldera lake and offers plenty of trekking, hiking and adventure sports opportunities. Visit Penelokan, Batur, and Kintamani villages to get a glimpse of the local Balinese lifestyle and customs.

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8. Lovina

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Lovina

Lovina is the largest resort area located on the north coast of Bali and is known for its black volcanic sand beach. This beautiful area is a popular spot for snorkelling and scuba diving adventures as the water is calm and perfect for swimming and spotting native dolphins. Take a ride in the traditional boats known as “Perahu” and the locals will show the best diving spots and dolphin populace. Lovina is also a popular tourist hot spot in Bali due to its spectacular sunsets.

9. Nusa Lembangan

Top Places to Visit in Bali – Nusa Lembangan

Lying on the south-eastern shores of the mainland, Nusa Lembangan, a small island, is a prominent part of the Bali Province. The area is famed for its mushroom-shaped coral reefs and shores and pristine powdery white sand beach with turquoise waters. Nusa Lembangan is a popular diving, surfing and snorkelling spot in Bali.  Unspoilt coral reefs and a rich marine ecosystem makes it a very popular destination in Bali for sea diving and snorkelling. 

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