Top Places To Visit In Malaysia!

Top Places To Visit In Malaysia!

Malaysia- The best of Asia.

Malaysia is truly Asia. The country offers all the things that truly makes it a showcase for the beautiful continent of Asia. Where else can you lose yourself in the addictively delicious street food from almost every country from Asia? Explore the vast rainforests where exploration expeditions continue till this date. See the soul of the city in the famous night markets. Experience the best of colonial architecture preserved in their pristine beauty. Feel the incomparable beauty of sea-diving with beautiful and rare creatures of the deep sea, and experience the way locals live the relaxed island life.

One thing is for sure, you will never be hungry or short of places to see in Malaysia.

Here are the top places to visit in Malaysia:

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur- Most popular travel destinationWhat happens when you build a city of international standards and make its heart truly Malaysian? You get Kuala Lumpur! There is simply no shortage of things to do in Kuala Lumpur. After all, which city in the world can offer you a choice of a world-class underwater aquarium, a serene bird park, divinely addictive street food, and a marvel of modern engineering - the Petronas twin towers, all within its city limits?


Perak-Slow way to travel Malaysia

Perak is unlike any other tourist spot in Malaysia. Time has slowed down in this former mining town. Although it offers everything that excites a tourist like rafting, beaches, and proximity to the entertainment centre of Malaysia - Cameron Highlands, the real beauty is to slowly wander around the old city, watching it reveal itself through its crafts and cuisine.


Langkawi- Paradise in Malaysia.What makes Langkawi unique amongst other Malaysian tourist attractions is that it is actually made up of more than 99 islands, each one with pristine shorelines overlooking the turquoise blue sea. On offer are a host of world-class water sports and diving opportunities for the adventurous kind, and a lifetime of beautiful memories for those who want to relax and watch an iconic sunset from the beach.


Penang- Top Tourist Destination Of Malaysia.

Do you want to time travel back to the glorious past? Come to Penang; the city will charm you with its abundant old school architecture, hills, parks, food, and beaches. Unwind from your troubles and explore a different kind of a world that Penang offers - one of the best places to visit in Malaysia!


Malacca- The cultural capital of Malaysia.Melacca is one of those rare cities which have only gained in beauty, culture, and cuisine despite being fought over and ruled by not one but four foreign countries. This simple fact makes even a simple walk about the town unlike any other in the world. Come here if you want to see a vintage Portuguese villa, walk a little ahead to have the spiciest Indian street food and end your walk at the busy and bustling night market serving local food.

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Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinablu- One of the most beautiful place in Malaysia.

Kota Kinabalu is not your average town. It has the distinct honour of being the host to not only the historic signing of Malaysia’s independence but also to Asia’s favourite Jazz festival- the KK Jazz Fest. It does not stop at that, it faces the South China Sea on one side and has Mount Kinabalu on the other. And for those who want to do something unusual, the Tuaran crocodile farm home to over 1200 crocodiles welcomes you.


Kuching- A way to explore the history of MalaysiaOne of the best places to visit in Malaysia, Kuching is a dream town to visit for travelers who believe in the refined and gentle way of living. It feels like the city has placed beautifully preserved colonial buildings and modern day high rises at all the right places alongside the banks of the Sarawak river carefully, just so that people can walk and explore the city.

Taman Negara

Taman Negara- The forest of Malaysia

Taman Negara occupies a unique place in the category of national parks of the world. The enormous park is reputed to be the oldest rainforest (deciduous) in the world. It is also home to the largest flower in the world and some of the rarest animals in the world. A boat ride on one of the numerous rivers snaking into the park is highly recommended.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands- The mossy forests of Malaysia.Here is a gift for outdoor activity lovers from Malaysia. It offers you a choice of more than fifteen jungle trails in a very unique mossy forest. Doing an independent trek here is highly recommended as you not only see small waterfalls but also breathe in the air among trees untouched for centuries on the way. Cameron Highlands is definitely one of the best places to visit in Malaysia.

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Gunung Mulu National Park

Gunung Mulu- The unexplored caves of Malaysia.The unique value of this rain forest is amply denoted by the fact that UNESCO has declared this as a world heritage site. A major reason for that is the presence of pristine series of caves that went unexplored as recently as 1977. Come and lose yourself into the lap of Mother Nature and discover the magic of nature exploration.

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