Top Places to visit in Montenegro

Top Places to visit in Montenegro

Montenegro - Top places to visit
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Montenegro has a special charm. This small and beautiful country is a hidden treasure of the Adriatic Sea. It’s more glamorous neighbour – Croatia often enjoys the limelight, but Montenegro is no push over destination. In fact, one of the last few offbeat destinations of Europe, this country offers splendid scenic beaches, red-tiled medieval towns, historic cities dotted with medieval fortresses, churches, mosques and rich cultural heritages.

Sveti Sefan - Top places to visit in Montenegro

Down in the interiors, Montenegro is all about lofty and imposing mountains, crystal blue lakes, river canyons, pristine forest, lush meadows and picturesque villages with olive farms all under the clear blue skies. Most of this beauty can be enjoyed at your pace and is full solitude, providing an unmatched relaxing experience while travelling in Montenegro.

Durevica - Top places to visit in Montenegro

So, in case, you are wondering what is there to see in this amazing country, check out the top places to visit in Montenegro.

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Top places to visit in Montenegro - Kotor

One of the most beautiful Adriatic cities in the world, Kotor is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and turquoise blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. This medieval town is filled with historic museums, churches, cafes and Venetian palaces.

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Top places to visit in Montenegro - Budva

Known as “Montenegrin Miami”, Budva is the country’s most visited destination known for its scenic beaches of the Budva Riviera, stylish waterfront and plenty of nightclubs. Partying till dawn makes it one of the trendiest nightlife destinations of the Adriatic.

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Top places to visit in Montenegro - Podgorica

The capital of Montenegro has seen it all. From five name changes, wiped off the map twice and passing through the control of the Romans, the Ottomans and the Austro-Hungarians. Today, Podgorica has an interesting mix of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and Eastern Bloc architecture, along with a vibrant café culture, interesting museums and art galleries and plenty of parks.


Top places to visit in Montenegro - Cetinje

The erstwhile capital of the country till 1946, Cetinje is surrounded by mountains and its streets share stately mansions of erstwhile European missions. Today, the city is known as the “royal capital” and the most impressive collection of museums, art galleries and schools of art and music.

Durmitor National Park

Top places to visit in Montenegro - Durmitor National Park

Rugged and dramatic Durmitor National Park is filled with glacial lakes, craggy limestone peaks, canyons, lush green forests; all combining together to create one of the most beautiful national parks in the world.