Land of the Rising Sun: Top Japan Tourist Attractions for your 2018...

Land of the Rising Sun: Top Japan Tourist Attractions for your 2018 Travel Bucket List!

Tokyo Bay

From Tokyo’s urban feel to Takayama’s old world charm; from the powdered white ski slopes of Hokkaido to the glistening Buddhist shrines of Kyoto; from vibrant, buzzing cities to a quaint, charming countryside lapped with mountains; Japan delivers an astonishing punch with its myriad, beautiful disparities.

Here are 7 spell-binding Japan tourist attractions that have been catching the fancy of travellers over the years.


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A tiny, laid-back seaside resort, about an hour away from Tokyo, Kamakura comes across as a welcome respite from the hustle bustle of the capital city. Kamakura is known for its plethora of ancient Zen temples and Shinto shrines, most famously, the Great Buddha – the second largest Bronze Buddha in Japan.


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If you’re looking to soak in a slice of Japan from back in the day, Takayama is where you should be laying your bets. Known to be one of the most well-preserved ancient towns in Japan, dating back to the Edo period, Takayama’s design and architecture are a delight to witness. Right from the old wooden houses with their quaint restaurants and souvenir shops, to the tiny streets and breweries, everything about Takayama is painfully charming. Definitely one of the best Japan tourist attractions.

Mount Fuji

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If you go to Japan, you simple can’t miss out on savouring stupendous views of the country’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji.  Soaring at a height of over 12,000 feet, Mount Fuji, also an active volcano, is one of the most prominent symbols of Japan. Immortalized in myriad works of art and in photographs, a hike up Mount Fuji is bound to reward you with staggering views of the surrounding panorama.

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Among all Japan tourist attractions, breath-taking gardens, thousands of Shinto Shrines, regal imperial palaces, classical Buddhist temples, and traditional wooden houses come together to make Kyoto one of the most fascinating tourism places in the country. Referred to as the “City of 10,000 Shrines”, the most famous attractions of Kyoto are the Fushimi Inari-Taisha Shrine, the Golden Pavilion, and the coveted Arashiyama bamboo forest.


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Known to be the first permanent capital of Japan, Nara is undoubtedly one of Japan’s most interesting destinations. Taking Japan’s rich cultural legacy a notch higher, Nara boasts of eight UNESCO World Heritage sites! The picturesque Nara leaves it visitors coming for more, with an eclectic mix of sublime gardens, traditional neighbourhoods, beautiful museums, and an array of first-rate attractions like Kasuga-Taisha Shrine, the famous Daibutsu (Great Buddha), and the renowned Nara-koen Park, home to the famed semi-wild deer.


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A charming ski resort town located in Hokkaido, Niseko’s powdered white snow gives other resorts a run for their money. Boasting of three major ski resorts, Niseko is a haven for activities like snowboarding, ice climbing, and of course, skiing. If winter sports are not your thing, head here during the summers and revel in activities like mountain biking, kayaking, and white-water rafting. Add a lucrative dining and nightlife scene and natural, mineral-rich hot springs, and Niseko becomes Japan’s favourite winter paradise.

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Constantly shuffling between the future and the past, Tokyo, the throbbing Japanese capital city, reverberates with a sensational blend of ancient and new. Be its iconic historic sites or upscale karaoke bars, traditional gardens or soaring high-rises, sizzling street food or top-notch Michelin star restaurants, Tokyo never fails to surprise its visitors.

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