Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food Across Popular Destinations!

Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food Across Popular Destinations!

Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food
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In this edition, we present 10 amazing Halal restaurants where you can feast yourself or follow the religious guidelines of the holy month of Ramadan while exploring the top 10 popular destinations of the world! 


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food- Paris, France

Planning to visit Paris and revel in the beauty of the iconic attractions like Eiffel Tower or admire the famed elegance along the banks of Siene River? No more worries! Paris has a reputation of world class, Michelin starred French cuisine eateries but thriving communities of Algerians, Moroccans and Lebanese along with expats from the South Asia has led to reputed Halal food scene in the capital of French Cuisine.

Restaurant Recommendation: Saidoune

Lebanese Breakfast Where: 35 Rue Legendre, 17th arrondissement Dishes: Lebanese and Middle Eastern Details: Saidoune is highly rated and reputed among the Halal certified restaurants in Paris. The establishment serves delicious Lebanese cuisine and desserts, all in accordance with Halal guidelines.


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food-London

The English capital has a rich expat population of South Asian communities and surprisingly, the typical and traditional South Indian curry has achieved an immense fan following in the country, almost on the brink of getting the status of official national dish of England! Curry revolution has added a new charm to the multi-cultural and cosmopolitan outlook of England. Therefore, when you visit London, just enjoy the sights of Trafalgar Square and the charm of Thames River without worrying about Halal eateries.

Recommendation: Chor Bizzare

barbeque Where: 16 Albemarle Street, Mayfair Dishes: Delicious kebabs, koftas, barbecue and curry Details: Chor Bizzare is an Indian restaurant which is reputed for succulent and delicious kebabs, koftas, barbecue and the famous curry, which is now the English culinary obsession. All food items are prepared as per Halal guidelines and the ambience is richly decorated.

 New York

Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food-Times Square, Manhattan, New York

New York is the leading light of pluralism and multi-culturalism in the world. The city overseen by the iconic statue of Liberty and the glitzy Times Square has also substantial population of south Asians and has close to 300 Halal food joints along with the speciality restaurants and food joints and eateries of different cuisines.

Recommendation: The Halal Guys

 Biryani Where:  6th Ave and W 53rd St of the Theatre District Dishes: falafel, biryanis and chicken and rice Details: The Halal Guys are a take away joint and food truck, serving delicious, mouth-watering Middle Eastern fares like falafel, biryanis, chicken and rice. The reputation is such that you have to wait in line for your turn and the patrons are similarly delighted to wait for their turn to savour the food.


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food-Amsterdam

The beautiful Dutch capital might at times, seems offensive due to the excessive decadent indulgence of Amsterdam. However, the city has a charming culture, some of the best art museums, beautiful gardens, canals, historic building and a bike-friendly destinations. Halal restaurants are still not that prominent but emerging steadily.

Recommendation: Crystal

Falafel and salads Where: Leidsestraat 89, 1017 NZ Amsterdam Dishes: Falafel and salads Details: Crystal is a steakhouse and is fully Halal. Don’t let the steakhouse name fool you, this place is actually all Middle-Eastern. Do try their delicious falafel and salads and other amazingly delicious culinary delicacies.


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food-turkey

Lying across the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa; Istanbul is an amazing destination filled with Roman and Byzantine ruins along the cultural brilliance and history of the Ottoman Sultans. Istanbul is the mix of Europe and Asia in cultural terms. Here, traditionally Halal and Turkish eateries are in perfect harmony with French, Italian or Indian restaurants. Istanbul is simply heaven for food connoisseurs!

Recommendation: Hayat Café

Kebabs Where: Sultanahmet district of Istanbul Dishes: Turkish koftes, kebabs, Pide, Misir and doner Details: Hayat Café is one of the popular hidden Halal restaurants in Istanbul. They serves delicious Turkish koftes, kebabs, Pide, Misir and doner and many more delicious culinary Turkish specialities.


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food-Singapore

The south Asian country is one of the smallest in the world but it is one of the most developed, multi-cultural and is a premier transport, financial and cultural hub of Asia. A mix of Chinese, Indian and Indonesian expat population has contributed in an exciting food scene which is filled with street food markets to highly reputed restaurants by renowned chefs.

Recommendation: 1market

chinese food Where: 68 Orchard Road Dishes: Malayan, Chinese and Javanese cuisine Details: Check out the 1market located in 68 Orchard Road and is supervised by the celebrity chef Wan of Malaysia. Enjoy a gastronomic buffet which includes the best of Malaysian cuisine and is inspired by his travels within the region. 


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food- Bangkok, Thailandia.

An exotic culture, some of the best beaches, amazing activities and world class Thai cuisine is enough reason for one to visit Thailand. However, if you are bothered by the availability of Halal food or restaurants, don’t worry at all. Muslim population, especially of South Thailand has a distinct identity, customs, culture and cuisine.

Recommendation: Al Hussain Restaurant

Indian Cruisine Where: Soi Sukhumvit, Bangkok Dishes: Indian and pan-Arabic dishes Details: Al Hussain Restaurant is one of the most loved and well frequented Halal establishments in the city. This place is in operation since 1996 and serves delicious kebabs and barbecue with fresh ingredients and Indian and pan-Arabic dishes. You can also catch live cricket or football matches while enjoying your meal.

 Kuala Lumpur

Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Malaysian capital is a vibrant city and has a perfect balance of rich Malayan traditions and contemporary look and feel. The towering Petronas Tower and KL Tower perfectly jostle with the beautiful National Mosque and the Merdeka Square. Being a predominantly Muslim country, Malaysia also has a delightful gastronomic cuisine and plenty of Halal restaurants.

Recommendation: China Treasures

meatball appetizers Where: Sime Darby Convention Centre, 1A, Jalan Bukit Kiara 1 Dishes: Cha Xiu Bao, Xiu Long Bao, meatballs and fishballs. Details: China Treasures is a popular place with both the locals and the tourists. The restaurant serves Chinese and Malayan culinary specialities, all prepared in tune with the Halal practices. Do try the Cha Xiu Bao, Xiu Long Bao, meatballs and fishballs.


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food-Cairo

The Egyptian capital, Cairo is an amazing place to explore and admire some of the greatest treasures of mankind and the remains of the bygone glorious civilization. Cairo is dipped in antiquity and for years, has enjoyed the status of the leading cultural centre in the Arab world. Dotted with World Heritage Sites and ancient religious attractions, Cairo is a must visit destination, where you can roam without worrying about Halal food and restaurants.

Recommendation: Sabaya

Hummus with pita bread Where: Corniche El Nil Dishes: mezzes, hummus, tabouch salad, authentic Egyptian and Lebanese Details: Corniche El Nil is one of the most renowned restaurants, serving authentic Egyptian, Mediterranean, Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Try out their mezzes, hummus, tabouch salad. The menu card is extensive but the cordial staff will ensure you have the best meal in Cairo.


Top Eateries Serving Delectable Halal Food- Dubai

Dubai, world’s fastest growing city is also growing in stature as a reputable travel destination in the world. Top-notch hospitality, entertainment and shopping zones along with a cosmopolitan and liberal outlook has put Dubai among the best cities in the world. Food festival, shopping festival, high quality entertainment and amazing activities which includes dune bashing and camping under the stars with traditional food and entertainment, makes Dubai a very enticing Travel destination.

Recommendation: Al Hadheerah

Emirati cuisine Where: Meydan Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa Dishes: Emirati cuisine Details: Al Hadheerah is in a desert resort and spa which is built to resemble a desert fortress and with a typical Emirati charm and rustic decorations. Enjoying dinner under the stars, surrounded by vast sea of desert and entertainment by traditional musicians and belly dancers is a great experience. The food is prepared with great care and often using the age old regional techniques and ingredients. Try the pulaos, minced lambs and grilled fish and learn about Emirati cuisine which is getting overshadowed due to the sudden burst of international cuisines.