Top things to do in Kuwait

Top things to do in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers, Kuwait
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Kuwait, the country with fourth highest per capita income in the world, is located at the tip of the Persian Gulf and shares borders with other countries like Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

An oil rich nation, the land of architectural marvels, the country of riches – Kuwait is possibly every cliché gulf countries have been associated with, and yet has not bowed down to the wave of blind commercialisation. The country has successfully managed to retain the ‘Arab feel’ while making way for modern development. With incredible museums, colourful souqs, romantic desert plains, peaceful beaches, and vibrant restaurants – Kuwait is fast climbing ladders of popularity and enticing visitors from all parts of the world.

While cities like Dubai and Bahrain offer the glitz and glamour of big city life, in Kuwait the experience is more subdued, focused on family activities like dining out, shopping in its larger than life shopping complexes, strolling beach side, relishing the quiet, etc.

Listed here are some popular things to do in Kuwait which you could choose from when you plan your great Kuwait sojourn, next!

Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyya

If you happen to visit Kuwait in the months of September to May, you will get to witness the most talented actors and artists from the nook and corner of world performing and sharing their knowledge at the Dar al Athar al Islamiyya (DAI), a cultural organization. Based around the private art collection belonging to Sheikh Nasser Sabah al Ahmed al Sabah, Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyya, provides venue for such performers.

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Grand Mosque

Admired world-wide for its architecture and the most treasured landmark of Kuwait, Grand Mosque, is located right in the centre of the city. Spread over an extensive area of 4,90,000 sq. feet, the Grand Mosque or Al Masjid Al-Kabir as it is locally known, is the iconic places where the official religious celebrations are held. The main prayer hall looks absolutely resplendent with huge chandeliers and long carpets.

The mosque is open for tourists and visitors every morning at 9:30 am and one can also opt for a guided tour free of charge. Carry a good camera as clicking pictures and selfies is permitted inside. Also, remember to dress appropriately before entering premises of Grand Mosque.

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Experience Open-air Rooftop Cinema

Who knew you could have an open air theatre bang in the middle of a busy street and that too, with a free entry? Yes! You read all of it right! If you are a cinema enthusiast and happen to be in Kuwait during the months of November to April (incidentally best time to visit Kuwait), you could make a beeline on Thursdays and Saturdays to catch up with some of the best multi-award winning movies from all over the world with English sub-titles screened at Cinemagic movies in the old Souk Salmiya.

Comfortable couches, pleasant climate and hot popcorns only add to the fun.

Go Museum hopping!

Kuwait has spent a good amount of money in establishing various museums dedicated to science and technology, history and art, to ensure the up-coming generations are informed of not only the glorious past but also to encourage development in fields of science and technology. A visit to ‘Kuwait Science and Natural History Museum’ enlightens you about country’s technological and scientific progress. It contains artefacts and demonstrations of the petroleum industry in Kuwait. Next you could check out Kuwait’s national museum which is hands down the best place to discover Kuwait’s heritage. Divided into the sections – The Kuwait Heritage Museum, Planetarium, Archaeological Museum and Boom Al Muhallab (a major dhow that holds vital place in Kuwaitis memory), this place is ideal for family outing and for enthusiastic historians.

Road Trip Dubai/ Abu Dhabi to Kuwait

As bizarre as it sounds there is a possibility of achieving this feat!

If you are the adventurous kind and do not mind driving 10-12 hours; you may give this exciting trip a try! The most famous route followed is Dubai-Bahrain- Kuwait, where you take about 9 hrs to reach Bahrain and another 3-4 hrs to reach Kuwait. The roads are fantastic and you can do some serious speed testing of the latest SUV (drive at 100kmph, mostly!)

Remember, you do not require a visa to enter Kuwait (or any of the Gulf countries), if you hold a GCC passport (or a valid ID card). But, people of other nationalities do require passport, visa and permissions. It is wise to get all the paper work done 2 weeks prior to the journey so as to enjoy a hassle free trip.

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