Top Tips for Families Travelling with Kids

Top Tips for Families Travelling with Kids

travel tip for families with kids
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If there is a poll of the most dreaded questions during a family vacation, this query would win hands down. Let’s accept it, vacationing with kids can be daunting. But if you have a few tricks up your sleeves, you could actually turnaround the situation and make each of your family holidays, a happy & memorable one for all.

plan wisely-travel tip for families with kids

Tip 1 # Plan Wisely

The foundation of any successful vacation is Planning, and more so, when you are travelling with your tiny tots. Make sure you plan everything well in advance to avoid any last minute rush. From hotels to flights to places to see, do not leave anything to chance. Pack your bags at least a week before your travel, so that on the eve of the vacation, you could spend quality time with your kids getting them excited about the places you are about to visit.

Keep medicines and wipes handy-travel tip for families with kids

Tip 2 # Keep medicines and wipes handy

Sure, you are a smart parent and you are carrying all of it. But what good would it do, if your little one has spilled soft drinks on his/her dress and you have to fish wipes out through piles of clothes. So, when I say handy, make sure you are carrying the wipes in your hand bag. Same goes with medicines for cold, cough or teething.

 Do not visit too many places-travel tip for families with kids

Tip 3 # Do not visit too many places

Unlike adults, kids do not understand the travel pressure. They don’t understand, why they can’t spend an extra hour at the park or that they have to gobble down their food, because that would mean a missed flight and frankly, they give a damn about missing several of the “must visit” places of the city. So, instead of tearing your hair in frustration, it would be wise if you could bring down the number of cities to visit and allow your little one, unhurried time to explore the world at their own pace.

brand the kids-travel tip for families with kids

Tip 4 # Brand them

A nightmarish situation that could happen to any parent is losing the child in the crowd. Even if you have been proactive and have got your child to memorize your phone number, sometimes the situations at times are so overwhelming that they might go numb. Why not write your number on your child’s arm or wrist, just in case?

carry comforting toys and snacks-travel tip for families with kids

Tip 5 # One comforting toy and those snack containers

A hungry baby is an angry baby. Make sure your baby is adequately hydrated and is having small meals at frequent intervals. Carrying snacks like carrot sticks, wheat biscuits, dry fruits in little attractive containers would encourage even the most fussy eaters. However, make sure you avoid sugar coated stuff or keep its intake to minimum, unless of course, you want to chase a jumping/running baby all over the place. Dealing with a kid who gets homesick? Allow him to carry one toy of his choice and see the difference.

not letting kids get bored-travel tip for families with kids

 Tip 6 # What should I do now?

Yup! Yet, another dreaded question! Kids are easily bored. To keep them occupied during road trips or at the airport, make sure you are well equipped with a series of activities planned out. Carrying coloring books, kid-friendly games on tabs, or simply engaging them in games like: locate the object, count the suitcases, etc. would help in such situations.

laugh at situation-travel tip for families with kids

Tip 7 # Laugh at situations

A stained shirt, a delayed flight, an upset stomach:  the things that could go wrong on a family vacation could be numerous. Being a super-man or super-woman at all the times is just not possible! Learn to laugh at situations, not only would it make you feel better but also you would teach your little one the most invaluable lesson of life: It is Okay to ‘Let Go’ ....