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 Top tourist attractions in Bosnia

In case you ever wondered about the best tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a war torn country picking up its pieces and looking at a way to rebuild and attract tourists, we have got the perfect list for you. There are numerous and varied things to do in Bosnia, thanks to this country’s great blend of religion, extensive cultural history, unspoiled nature, and the beauty of lush greenery of enchanting forests. On this visit to Bosnia, you will get a unique opportunity to travel to one of the most underrated countries of Europe. Even though, this heart-shaped country has been undervalued as a tourist destination, here you will find the top tourist attractions in Europe.

If you are wondering what is Bosnia known for and if you are interested in visiting but are not sure about what to see in Bosnia, check out the list of best tourist attractions in Bosnia to get some inspiration.

Bascarsija in Sarajevo – Buy something authentic Bosnian

Sarajevo - One of the most historically significant cities in Europe and a top tourist attraction in Bosnia, it is also the place where the Eastern and Western Roman Empires split. Probably there is no better way to start sightseeing in Sarajevo other than wandering along the winding streets of the Old Town going down towards the heart of the city – Bascarsija. The streets of this ancient bazaar is lined with stalls selling coffee pots and plates, copper goods and many other interesting things.

Stari Most - Snap an iconic pic of the Stari Most

One of country’s best tourist destinations and the most remarkable landmark, Stari Most is considered as one of the most classic pieces of Islamic architecture in the Balkan region and an outstanding example of a multicultural urban settlement. The bridge was constructed in the middle of the 16th century by Ottoman architects over the Neretva River and the bridge is also known as the symbol as the confluence of the East and the West.

Kravice Falls – Take a dip in Kravice Falls

Relaxing and gorgeous! Among the most popular tourist sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the Kravice waterfalls. The water falling from a height of 25 meters, into a 120-meter lake at the base of the falls is the sight to behold. Surrounded by rich vegetation, forests and mountains, Kravice Falls is also the perfect hiking destination for experienced hikers.

Una National Park – Youngest national park in Bosnia

The youngest national park in Bosnia, Una National Park is spread through the valley of the upper stream of the River Una. The biggest attraction of this national park is the River Una which is the most beautiful river in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge

One of the finest examples of the Ottoman architecture - the Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge spanning over the waters of the Drina River is a delight to the eyes. Built at the end of the 16th century, the bridge has 11 masonry arches with spans of 11 metres to 15 metres. It was included in the UNESCO's World Heritage list in 2007.

Tunel spasa – travel through the Tunnel of Hope

The Sarajevo War Tunnel also known as Tunnel Spasa meaning the Tunnel of Hope is an inspirational and thought provoking tourist attraction in Bosnia. There are actually three tunnels – about 1.5 m high, 720 m long and it is said that it was a top secret of Bosnia underneath the airport.

Bjelasnica Mountains

If you like winter sports and exploring the natural beauty, then your choice should be the mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bjelašnica is considered to be a heaven for skiing and the best place for adventure in Bosnia as it has the best skiing slopes in the world. Here you can enjoy the stunning, unspoiled natural beauty side by side with modern equipped ski slopes and cable rides.