Trabzon – Turkey’s Classic Black Sea City That Rules Instagram

Trabzon – Turkey’s Classic Black Sea City That Rules Instagram

Uzungol, Trabzon

Trabzon is a Turkish city located on the Black Sea coast of northeast Turkey. Formerly known as Trebizond, it used to be an important trade centre located on the historic Silk Route. Due to its favourable position on the Silk Route, Trabzon acquired rich cultural elements of Iran, Caucasian region and Italy, thanks to the lucrative trade relations of the medieval times.

Today, Trabzon is the largest port of the Black Sea and has a rich collection of cultural treasures. It’s favourable weather, gateway to four beautiful lakes  -  Uzungol, Cakırgol, Sera, and Haldizen, and plenty of scenic beauty, make it a true paradise. It’s also the home to the stunning Sumela Monastery.

Trabzon is also one of the coolest destinations of Turkey that rules Instagram. Check out some of the cool pics of Instagram following #trabzon and #uzungol hashtags.

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A delicious spread with equally charming views of Uzungol Lake.

Beautiful aerial views of Trabzon and the waters of the Black Sea.

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What a place to sit!

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Picturesque valley of Uzungol.

Scenic locations for photography.

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Exchanging vows in a serene location.

Dark sky and reflections.

Breathtaking Sumela Monastery

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Nature-hiking at its best.

Dirt road leading to solitude.

Trabzon and Uzungol are wonderful destinations of Turkey that offer plenty of scenic hikes, adventure activities, famed Turkish hospitality, a glimpse into history, traditions and culture, and plenty of relaxation. This year, escape to Trabzon and Uzongol in Turkey, along with Istanbul, for a contrasting and diverse Turkish holiday. Holidayme introduces a wonderful travel package featuring stays in Trabzon and Uzongol. Don't forget to check out our Destination of the Month (September) - Turkey as well!