Travel the world ‘Visa Free’ with UAE Passport!

Travel the world ‘Visa Free’ with UAE Passport!

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Do you have a United Arab Emirates passport? Then don’t worry about waiting for Visa and the procedures involve in applying for a simple tourist Visa. UAE Passport holders can now travel to 81 countries without worrying about Visa. UAE passport is among the freest travel facilitating passport in the world as per the 2014 The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index. UAE Passport is ranked 55th in the list with Visa free travel to 77 countries (now 81 countries as of October 2015). Not only that, another list of 28 countries allows Visa on arrival facility for UAE passport holders and 9 more countries allow the option of E-Visas.

If you are still wondering about the Visa free travel, check out the list and pick the country that you want to travel and plan your holidays with no Visa worries!

Visa Free – Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Visa Free - Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

UAE being part of the Gulf Cooperation Council, facilitates Visa free movement among its member countries which include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Visa Free – Schengen Area

Visa Free - Schengen Area

Schengen Area in Europe allows Visa free travel for Emirati citizens. Passport holders of UAE can enjoy the sights of 22 European countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany among others.

Visa Free – Europe

Visa Free - Europe

Some European countries are still not a part of the Schengen Area. United Kingdom has the facility of Electronic Visa Waiver for UAE passport holders while Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Malta, Monaco, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Albania allows Visa on arrival.  Russia still seeks Visa for UAE citizens.

Visa Free – Asia

Visa Free - Asia

Singapore, South Korea, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are among the most popular Asian destinations and all of them facilitates Visa free travel for UAE passport holders. Iran, Maldives, Bangladesh and Cambodia allows Visa on Arrival. India, Turkey and Sri Lanka facilitates electronic Visa. 

Visa Free – Africa

Visa Free - Africa

Botswana, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Gambia allows Visa free travel while countries like Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda provides Visa on arrival. Kenya offers the option of eVisa service to UAE citizens.

Visa Free – North America

Visa Free - North America

Panama, Nicaragua, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and El Salvador offers Visa free travel while popular countries of USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba still seeks Visa.

Visa Free – South America

Visa Free - South America

Colombia and Ecuador are the only two countries which facilitate Visa free travel while Bolivia has the policy of Visa on arrival. Popular countries of the region like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Peru still seeks Visa.

Visa Free – Oceania

Visa Free - Oceania

New Zealand, Fiji, Haiti, Vanuatu allows Visa free travel for UAE passport holders while Samoa and Tuvalu offer Visa on arrival. Australia, the popular tourist destination of the region seeks Visa.

Please Note: The above-mentioned information may change, modify or updated periodically. Therefore, check with the respective countries’ embassies and counsulates for more updates and latest information.