Travel Trends 2018: Countries You Must Visit Next Year!

Travel Trends 2018: Countries You Must Visit Next Year!

Top countries to visit in 2018
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The year 2018 promises to be an exciting year form a traveller’s perspective, as the new year is all set to introduce new travel and tourism trends, awesome destinations and plenty of fresh ideas. This is a good time to introduce you to the best countries to visit in 2018!

Top countries to visit in 2018

This is a special year when Chile will celebrate 200 years of independence and official proclamation of being a Republic. South Korea will play host to the 2018 Winter Olympics, while the small European country of Malta has been voted as the ‘European Capital of Culture 2018’.

Georgia has emerged as the most promising offbeat European destination while Djibouti is the newest African frontier to tread. Check out holidayme’s recommendations of top countries that promise to offer unmatched travel experiences!


Top countries to visit in 2018 - Chile Chile is a thin strip of land, sandwiched between the Andes to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West.  Its northern reach share border with Peru while it stretches all the way to the Straits of Magellan in the southernmost point of South America. In between, the country has the dry and cold Atacama Desert and the bone-chilling wintery winds of Patagonia dotted with trendy and stylish urban cities brimming with art and culture, dining and performing arts scene. 2018 is a special year for the country, as it plans large scale celebrations across the entire country to celebrate its 200 years of Independence from Spanish rule and declaration of being a Republic. Check out holidayme's comprehensive travel guide of Chile.

South Korea

Top countries to visit in 2018 - South Korea

South Korea is surging ahead as the host of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Pyeongchang, the site of the games, has a new high-speed rail line to facilitate easy travel for visitors. The event is scheduled between the 9th of February to 25th of February, in the mud of early spring, a perfect time to see the changing colours, from white snowy landscapes to more subtle shades of pink, yellow, white and red. Check out few exciting travel deals to South Korea!


Top countries to visit in 2018 - Malta

Malta, the wonderful Mediterranean archipelago is a blissful country filled with historic towns, medieval architecture, charming marinas, colourful lanes dotted with warm cafes, open-air restaurants and plenty of Instagram-worthy sites. Malta’s capital Valletta has been selected as the ‘European Capital of Culture in 2018’ and the city is hosting interesting events comprising of international film festivals, musical concerts, contemporary art biennial, gastronomic food festivals, and many more. So enjoy the Instagram-worthy beaches, colourful houses, fishing villages and islands basking under the warm sunshine and surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean.

South Africa

Top countries to visit in 2018 - South Africa

The ‘Rainbow Nation’ is gearing-up to celebrate ‘Nelson Mandela Centenary 2018: Be the Legacy’ an official program designed to honour and celebrate Madiba’s immense contribution to the South African society and the world in general. There are plenty of events lined-up featuring educational and commemorative lectures, art displays, cultural shows, etc, all synced to promote multiculturalism, liberal values and mutual understanding. When it comes to adventure, South Africa boasts of windswept peninsulas and craggy coastline, rocky mountains and acres of untamed wild. In case, you are looking for more relaxed and fun holidays, we suggest spending few days in South African cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, etc.


Top countries to visit in 2018 - Portugal

Portugal has successfully emerged as a wonderful destination known for fine beaches, dramatic coastlines and cities rich in history, culture and architecture. Blessed with warm sunshine and balmy breeze, Portugal is a charming land dotted with cities filled with medieval architecture, and plenty of scenic landscapes. Cheap airfares and low cost of travel makes it an ideal European summer destination of 2018. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in delicious food, fine wine, soak in the sun at some of the finest European beaches and indulge in plenty of nightlife. Check out some of the wonderful places that you can visit in Portugal.

New Zealand 

Top countries to visit in 2018 - New Zealand

Sensational landscapes, clean and pristine environment, host of eco-friendly lodges and suites and camping sites; New Zealand is the perfect adventure tourism destination for 2018. This year, the country is introducing a new Great Walk (hiking route) to commemorate the loss of 29 miners in 2010. The Paparoa Track and Pike29 Memorial Track is a multi-day hiking trail in South Islands’ west coast and passes through unspoilt wilderness. New Zealand is also the ideal destination for adventure sports, hiking and camping and quality food and wine.


Top countries to visit in 2018 - Mauritius The Indian Ocean region is famous for wonderful tropical islands with Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius being the crown jewels. This year the island nation of Mauritius is going to celebrate its 50th year of independence. Stay in luxury resorts, indulge in romantic activities like underwater candle light dinner in a submarine or shop to your heart’s content for luxury brands at Port Louis; Mauritius allows you to simply enjoy the good life.


Top countries to visit in 2018 - Georgia

The crown jewel of the Caucasus region, Georgia is a beautiful country, landlocked between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Offbeat and fresh, Georgia is adding new destinations, attractions and enhancing the quality of tourism infrastructure. 2018 is also a special year in the history of Georgia. It marks the 100th year of the short-lived declaration of independence from the Russian Empire during the Russian Revolution of 1918. Georgia is certainly stepping-up into the global tourism scene and 2018 seems to be the breakthrough year for this beautiful Caucasian country.