Travel Trends 2018: Cross-generational travel will redefine family trips!

Travel Trends 2018: Cross-generational travel will redefine family trips!

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel
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Do you remember your early travel experiences with family? The most amazing memories of traveling are with your parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents; all packed in a vehicle, travelling for picnics, weekend breaks or attending family functions. Admit it, your family trips are always a memorable affair. The frequent fights, tantrums, compromises, so much shouting and yet plenty of fun. As one grows in their respective lives, families seem to go farther from you, due to relocation to different cities for studies, jobs, marriage, etc.

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel

Don’t worry, 2018 is heralding a new travel trend – Cross-generational travel, that is surely going to redefine family trips in a more mature manner. So, no more in-fighting over which places to visit with your dad or arguments  with mom on where to stay. Be more accommodating, open-minded and prepare for a wonderful time with your parents, grandparents and kids as you travel in 2018!

What is Cross-generational travel?

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel

It’s a wonderful concept of family travel where you cut-out all the tense conversations, stop bickering over bygone issues and simply spend some quality time with older and newer generations. It’s a chance to reconcile differences, get closer to your parents and siblings and most of all, move on in life, with peace and happiness. Bond over food, paintings, music, scenic landscapes and be surprised by your mother’s ability to cook Vietnamese food and your dad’s ability to learn and interact with locals in a local language; You will get to see a different side of your parents when they are out of their comfort zone. 

Where to travel for Cross-generational travel?

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel Simple, pick a destination that offers something for every member of your family. Ensure plenty of kids-friendly activities to keep the children busy. Cooking classes, art galleries and historic sights generally piqued the interests of senior members. Ensure plenty of shopping breaks for young ladies while a bit of adventure will surely make it memorable for the young guys. Holidayme suggest these destinations that are ideal for cross-generational travel:-

Dubai – The world-class megalopolis has top-notch shopping malls, a vibrant dining scene, plenty of interesting activities like dune bashing, barbeque dinner in the desert under the stars, plenty of kids-friendly activities and events. Don’t forget to shop for fashion brands, gold jewellery and electronics as well.

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel

Kenya – Family travel to Kenya has always been an exciting proposition. Enjoy a jeep safari in the wild, camp in wonderful nature lodges, soak in the typical African landscapes and spot some majestic wildlife. Kenya is the ideal adventurous destination for a cross-generational family trip.

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel

Cairo – The Egyptian capital is an exciting place full of hustle-bustle and fabled historic attractions. Embark on a Nile River cruise, visit the Great Pyramids, check out the mummies at the Egyptian Museum, haggle for souvenirs at the Khan el-Khalili bazaar. You will have so many options and things to do for the entire family.

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel

Budapest – The Hungarian capital is a blissful ornamental city filled with art museums, thermal baths, charming cafes and restaurants. The city has gentle activities like funicular ride rides, delicious local food markets and attractions like House of Parliament, The Chain Bridge, Central Market, National Opera House, etc.

Travel trends 2018 – Cross-generational family travel

Naples/Tuscany – The Italian regions of Naples and Tuscany are perfect family destinations if your need is ample relaxation, sheer natural beauty and delicious food at every step. Naples has rich historic sites, medieval churches and villages, Roman ruins, museums, art-galleries and a famed dining scene while Tuscany region is famed for Italian countryside, quaint villages, delightful Tuscan cuisine and fine wines.

Kerala/Goa – The southwestern coastal states of Goa and Kerala are renowned for fine white sand beaches, sleepy villages, and boast of unique culture. Goa is ideal for families with young boys and girls, as they can enjoy the beach parties while elders can revel in early morning beach yoga sessions. Kerala is famed for backwaters, fishing villages and quaint churches and temples. Here you can enjoy a cruise in the backwaters, savour delicious fish curries and indulge in local Ayurveda spas.

Melbourne/Sydney – The Australian cities of Melbourne and Sydney have put Australia firmly in the global tourism scene. These two cities are renowned for a wonderful dining scene featuring the best of Australian and Asian fusion cuisine, dynamic art and cultural exhibitions and events, exciting sporting spectacles and plenty of activities that will keep your entire family occupies throughout your vacation duration. For a more scenic and relaxed vacation, opt for the Yarra Valley and the Blue Mountains trip from Melbourne and Sydney respectively.

So, this year, embark on a cross-generational travel and recreate the special bond with your family members. Relive the old family memories, have a good laugh at all those funny moments and most of all, reconcile your old differences to move ahead with new vigour.