Travelling Solo? Check out these Exceptional Destinations!

Travelling Solo? Check out these Exceptional Destinations!

morocco tourism
Whether you agree or not, Solo travel, more than a mere travel journey, is an awakening experience where you get to know yourself better. It is all about digging deep into your being and being content and happy in the company of yourself! Having said that, we recommend each one of you to experience solo travel, at least once in your lifetime - be it a short and sweet weekend getaway, or a long, exciting journey to an unknown foreign land! Here are some amazing destinations you can consider for a solo travel:


trip to Mexico

Your ultimate de-stress getaway, Mexico is all about relaxation and letting loose! Whether it is Cancun or Tulum, you can splurge on yoga classes or swim to your heart’s content as you go scuba diving in the Caribbean or down local tequilas. The serenity of white sand beaches here will certainly help you gather all your thoughts!


Solo trip to NorwayA paradise for sure; but an expensive one! Mother Nature is at her best here, showing off her greatest assets. Explore the beautiful fjords of Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, go fishing in the Arctic Circle or simply reflect on life as you gaze at the unbelievably stunning lakes and snow-capped mountains. An extremely bicycle-friendly place, you must take a joyous ride through the green pastures!

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New Zealand

New Zealand solo travel

Epic landscapes, a swanky nightlife, an adventure field – New Zealand offers you everything on one platter! Rent a car and drive through the winding meadows, dance your heart out at the night clubs in Queenstown, hike to the legendary Milford Track, not to mention a daring bungee jump! Take this journey alone or team up with other lone travellers, either way, you will definitely extend your stay in this beautiful country!

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica trip

The world’s happiest city, Costa Rica is the birth place of adventure travel. Be it surfing on the Pacific waves, exploring volcanoes, taking on white-water rafting, relaxing in hot springs or simply staying in one of the many adventure lodges and heading out for day trips in the cloud forest, you’ll never feel alone here. Although frowned upon as a tourist destination in the past, Costa Rica has transformed rapidly and the locals are very warm and fun-loving. So, if you really want to do something out-of-the box and get a true experience of travelling solo- Costa Rica will definitely be your best roller coaster ride!


travel to Ireland

Toast a mug of Guinness Beer with the friendliest people of all! Be rest assured to find a companion while you are pub crawling in Dublin or strike a conversation with a local as you take in the splendid scenery of the countryside.  Explore the 400 castles of the country, walk around the UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin and the binge of gastronomy delights – this Emerald Isle will keep you constantly keep you on your toes! If this is not enough, sensational images of the landscape will surely lure you to head to Ireland. 


tour to Indonesia

White-sand beaches, world’s best massages, yoga and spirituality and friendly locals – you will holiday like a king in Indonesia! For the adventure lover in you, surf on the beautiful waves (or witness in some of the most popular surfing competitions in the world) or go cliff jumping in Bali. A great nightlife, delicious cocktails, some authentic narsi goreng and fancy villas – sounds like paradise! The icing on the cake is that you won’t even spend much to get all this luxury!


morocco tourism

The beauty and culture of this North African gem will surely touch the strings of your heart. A well-established backpackers’ haven for over three centuries, you will find comfortable guesthouses/hostels and welcoming locals with strong beliefs. Take a camel trek in the Saharan Desert to catch the sunrise over the sand dunes- a sight that is unexplainably beautiful, explore the ancient mosques, winding streets the souks catching a show of snake charmers and belly dancers. Sitting comfortably in a sequenced cushion restaurant, puffing on some hookah, enjoy your stay and thoroughly soak in the Arabic culture.

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travel to Laos

With a deep-rooted culture and refreshingly simple lifestyle, Laos has earned a cult-like eminence among solo travellers. This war-torn region has preserved its ancient heritage which will intrigue you. The highlight of your trip will definitely be exploring the century old monasteries in the royal city of Luang Prabang. Yet, cruising down a riverboat down Mekong and spotting freshwater dolphins or hiking around the archaeological wonder, plain of jars and the gothic limestone karsts of Vang Vieng are all amazing places to explore. Since this is a prime backpacker’s destination, you’ll also enjoy many meet-ups and make memories with people around the world!

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Be it picking up your bags and walking into a brand new city, or signing up for ‘meet-ups’ and community groups - Your solo venture will make you experience things you’ve never seen, do things you never thought you were capable of doing and make memories you could’ve never have imagined! So pack your bags to live, laugh and explore!

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