Travelling to UK is now cheaper, thanks to BREXIT
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United Kingdom’s highly contentious referendum to leave the European Union has triggered a global shock. Several stock markets have gone down, creating speculation about another global economic meltdown just like the recession of 2008. Such is the impact on the global economy, that the Great Britain Pound is now at its all-time low in 32 years! The decision to leave the European Union could have far-reaching consequences for Great Britain and the world, but for travellers, visiting United Kingdom is now cheaper. Several travel companies are bracing for a demand surge on UK travel. Leisure tourism and short weekend trips to UK are all about to increase due to the deflation of Pound. This is definitely the best time to visit the United Kingdom and enjoy its delightful highlights. Flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing tours and travelling within the country will now be considerably cheaper. BrexitWhile entire Great Britain is in a debate about the BREXIT ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ campaign and its consequences, travellers can enjoy its tourism attractions. The month of July is one of the best times of the year to admire the scenic English countryside gems like Stratford-upon-Avon, Cotswold, Kingsbridge, Nailsworth, etc. Another great option is to see the famous English Lake District that is associated with the famous English writer William Wordsworth. The Georgian town of Bath is also a great option to see along with the iconic university towns of Oxford and Cambridge. BrexitUp north, you can see the rich industrial history of Liverpool, Sheffield, Newcastle and Manchester. Do catch a football game as well, at one the stadiums of England to actually experience the true English obsession about football – the working class game. Then there is Scotland, a land of dramatic landscapes. You can see its ruined castles, high mountain passes, crystal-clear lakes and typical Scottish towns and villages. BrexitEven the attractions of Wales and Northern Ireland are not to be missed! Add to this list the ever popular multicultural city of London. This delightful multi-cultural city is at the forefront of all the BREXIT debate. However, London will always make you feel welcomed, irrespective of its decision to remain or leave the European Union. The city is one of the most visited in the world and is home to rich cultural treasures along with modern day attractions. So why wait, just book your flights to London and explore the United Kingdom as soon as possible and avail the benefits of the slump in the GBP.